In a 2008 survey only 6% of Britons

In1992 investigation revealed that 6.1% of males in Britain have had a homosexualexperience in France the number was 4 %. According to a survey of 2003, 12% ofNorwegians was homosexual.

In New Zealand a recent report proposed that 20% ofthe population anonymously reported same homosexual feeling meanwhile few ofthem identifying as homosexual. Percentage of persons identifying homosexualwas 2 to 3%. According to a 2008 survey only 6% of Britons characterized theirsexual desire  as homosexual or bisexual,more than twice that number of Britons have had some types of sexual contactwith some one of the similar sex. In USA, according to exit polling on 2008election day for the 2008 presidential election, 4% of electorate selfrecognized as LGB , the same percentage as in 2004.

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An estimated 34,000homosexuals who are in relationship are engaged by the national government. An estimated3.5% of adults in the America identify as LGB and an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender.In 2001 Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that60% of Americans ages from  17-29 support  same- sex marriage. They don’t see the harmsince same sex couples may be in love too, but this is an ethical issue thataffects our society.

Likely nineteen million Americans reported that theyhave engaged with homosexual behavior and approximately 25.60 million Americansadmit at least some homosexual magnetism. In Indiathere is no official demography for the LGBT population, but the Govt. of Indiasubmitted fixture to the supreme court in 2012, according to which there wereapprox 2.

5 million gay people recorded in India. These records are just in viewof those people’s who have self confirmed to the Ministry of health. Altemeyer (2001), conducted a parallel study in aCanadian University, which showed that while opinion on the suitability of homosexualdeeds changed very little between1984 to 1998, respondents become much lesswilling to confine the civil liberties of homosexual people.


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