In Antony gave his speech second. His speech

In William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Marc Antony and Brutus give speeches at his funeral. I am going to be reading their speeches, and seeing why Antony’s speech was more persuasive than Brutus’s. Reasons why Antony’s speech was better was because Antony gave his speech second.

His speech gave emotion and appealed to the audience, and his heavy usage of persistence. Antony’s overall way of giving the speech has helped him be more persuasive to the audience than Brutus. In the next paragraph I will be explaining how Antony giving his speech second helped him also.

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    Why Antony’s speech was better is because he told his speech after Brutus. Antony had time to listen and analyze what Brutus was saying so that he could review his speech and give the best speech. Antony also revised to what Brutus had said and wanted to tell the audience that they must go against Brutus and the killers of Caesar. Antony also wanted to take power for himself in the government, so he couldn’t say anything bad or against Brutus, so he had to say non mean things in the speech. He tries to be more friendly in his speech than Brutus, where he just wanted to put out points for the audience to hear. Also Antony had things to say that he couldn’t due to an agreement with Brutus.

Yet he had his way of saying what he wanted by the use of sarcasm.     The second reason the Antony’s speech was more persuasive in my opinion is that he included a lot of emotion that the audience accepted to hear. Antony is filled with anger against the conspirators. He calls them “honorable men”using sarcasm to make the audience also angered at the conspirators. Antony also helps connect this belief to the audience by saying “O masters, if I were disposed to stir Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage”, “I should do Brutus wrong and Cassius wrong”. The emotions that Antony uses in his whole speech are horror, sadness, and anger. He uses them to put the audience to his way.

In Antony’s overall use of his speech gets emotional. And the audience gives them the attention, and they get into it.       I’m going to be giving Antony’s speech the best because it was more persuasive it is his heavy usage of better actions. Marc Antony tells the audience that he is there to “bury Caesar, not to praise him”. He wants all the past and stuff about or against Caesar to end. Antony also tells the audience that he cared a lot about Caesar “He was my friend, faithful and just to me” he says in the play. He also says that Brutus thought he was “ambitious”.

In addition to the persuasions of the audience Antony adds many things that Caesar did, and asks the audience if this is the work of an ambitious man. He says this because he attempts to take emotion of the audience against Brutus, and the others. After much great stuff said by Antony, the audience believes that the conspirators are villains and murderers.

Antony has clearly turned the audience fully against Brutus, and the whole time while using sarcasm, he managed to get the audience attention.    In conclusion Antony’s speech was more persuasive than Brutus’ because, he gave his speech second, his speech included emotion and appealed to the audience. By giving his speech second, Antony has heard what Brutus had said and could have had things to say in his speech that would be against him but in a sarcastic way, in order to persuade the audience even more to his advantage. Antony’s usage of emotion helped the audience feel emotion, and later put it against Brutus, and the other conspirators. He was also filled with much anger, and wanted to say things against Brutus directly but couldn’t and had to use sarcasm. The final reason I stated was Antony’s heavy usage of persuasions.

Antony didn’t have such an easy job of persuading the audience because he couldn’t say anything bad against the conspirators, but still got to persuade the audience away from Brutus. In the end Antony succeeded to persuade the audience and did it best.         


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