In is referred here as the atmosphere of

Inthe hotel business, preparation and the planning of food is the main thingwhich help in the process of gaining more customers. The proper planning foodhelps in process of achieving the customer satisfaction also (Baykasogluet al. 2016, p.

200). The employees of the hotel businesshave to focus on the food selling process to generate the proper menu. Thefactors which influence the planning are; types of the menu, customer demand,innovation, menu balance, recent styles, cost, health issues etc.Differenttypes of menu-Forgaining the satisfaction of the customers, the hotel produces different typesof menu to meet the customer demand.

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The variation of the menu and the price ofthe menu also affect the customers attraction process. In the hotel business,they provide A La Carte menu which gives the chance of selecting the food itemsfrom a large variety of foods and they get the chance of selecting the food asper the price of the foods. On the other hand, Table d Hotel offers thecustomers for paying the price of the foods as per the quantity of foods. Onthe contrary, Carte du Jour represents the special for a special day in thehotel.

On the other hand, the fixed Manu of the hotel is known as the static menu.Customerdemand-Theofferings of the food items are not the only factor which is included in thecustomer demand. The hospitality of the hotel and the behaviour of theemployees towards the customers is also considered as the customer demand.

Thetime period in the serving process, the availability of the variety of foodsand the quality of the food, these item matters a lot in the customer gainingprocess. The customers are more conscious at the health issue that is why theyare now checking the nutrition report of the hotel before ordering the foodfrom the hotel. Rather than these, the customers also search for the servingquality in the hotels, which influence the customer gaining process.Theme-Themeis referred here as the atmosphere of the hotel or restaurants. Most of thecustomers prefers the music, light, interior and design of the hotel orrestaurant, which also matters in the customer attraction process. Theaccommodation of the hotel helps the customer to feel comfortable while havingthe food.

Moreover, the appearance of the ethnicity in the hotel also influencethe factor.Innovationin the menu-newand attractive dishes and the different items of food helps in the customergaining process. Moreover, the presence of the innovative cooking style and theinnovative food item impacts the customer’s mind. This creativity helps in the customermanagement process also.Menubalance-Thecomplete presence of the management and the food processing of the hotel isknown as the menu balance. The presence of the foods, names of the foods,preparing process of the foods etc. are very much necessary to gain thecustomers.

The procedure of cooking need various items, such as; grill, frypan, slow cook etc. which is mandatory in the kitchen of the hotel. Moreover,the management of the hotel must analyse the nutrition quality of the foods. Inthe present time, the neutrino value of the food is very much important inorder to serve the food in the hotels. Additionally, the naming style of thefoods helps in the customer attraction process.Location-Themenu selection of the restaurant or the hotel have to be done after measuringthe place. The deciding process of the menus regarding the place help in theprocess of attracting loach customers more.

Moreover, the hospitality of thehotel also will get the benefit of offering favourable foods to the customers.Pricingfactors-Thepricing process of the foods must be done by the hotel after analysing thecustomer’s economic condition and the dead of the foods. The pricing factor ofthe hotels must include all the cost of producing the foods, including thetransport and all the tax. The hotels must set the value appropriation on thefoods considering the profit gaining amount of the hotel also.Competitionsin the market-Therival hotels also come with a new and innovative food, which impacts the hotelsbusiness.

Moreover, the hotels have to develop the interior and the foodquality to beat the rivals. The rivals develop the whole hospitality to givethe marketing competition to the hotels.


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