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In Hamlet, there are many controversial events that take place. Hamlet’s main goal in the play is to kill Claudius and avenge his father. Throughout the entire play, his morals while seeking redemption are tested.Hamlet went through endless trials to reach his goal to kill Claudius.

Hamlet uses his wanting of vengeance for his father’s murder, as redemption. Before finding out that Claudius killed his brother, it’s easy to see why Hamlet wouldn’t be very fond of Claudius. When King Hamlet was killed or “died”, Hamlet was supposed to be next to the throne, but instead, Claudius claimed the throne. Hamlet is trying to find his way back to where he thinks he’s supposed to be. He wants to be back to where he was before his father’s murder, yet he can’t. Another reason Hamlet had to be upset is that Claudius married Gertrude.

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A point Hamlet makes is that Gertrude and Claudius didn’t grieve long enough and were both very selfish. When the ghost of King Hamlet comes around to tell Hamlet that Claudius killed him, it was as if Hamlet didn’t need to hear anything else. He had to Avenge his father and seek redemption. Hamlet has a problem though, he doesn’t act on what he wants to do. Most of the time hamlet would share a soliloquy, say what he feels and what he will do, an example, kill Claudius.

He planned things out but every time he had a chance to act, he would hesitate. Hamlet would ask himself if it was worth going to hell. His wanting to seek redemption shows me how desperate he is to seek revenge on Claudius. Even after that he still makes excuses for himself to not act out on his plans. He knows what he wants to do and how he feels, but he definitely thinks too much.When it comes to moral truths there are few examples that stand out. In the beginning of the play Hamlet wasn’t seen as much more than a regular person out with his guards, called to because there was a ghost.

Once his situation takes a turn, Hamlet’s character all together starts to become reckless and loosen his morals.This shows me that his morals aren’t strong enough and his willing to change or let them go based on his situation. If Hamlet was truly honoring his morals, even if the ghost did tell him to kill Claudius he wouldn’t because that’s what he’s been taught, since Hamlet doesn’t hesitate he wasn’t really true to his morals. Seeing him become overwhelmed with the responsibility of his own redemption, he forgets every once in awhile that he’s only “acting crazy”. It almost seems like He’s lost himself within his goal. When all of this was going on all I could think was, “why is he being, like this”, which then answered for myself because he isn’t true to himself. Hamlet’s main moral truth was based on him considering suicide, which would not only take away his salvation but keeps Claudius in ruling. This shows me that even when wanting to Hamlet’s religious beliefs contradict him all the time.

He’s afraid of being wrong in any choice he makes, whether it be to kill, or to commit suicide, or to confront Claudius. He also makes a decision to act crazy. He was seen before as someone everyone loved and adored, but as soon as he begins to be even a little off, people wonder what’s truly wrong with him. In a normal society things are pretty balanced out, not always, but most of the time. Hamlet’s society was not one of those. We see that happening mostly with character development.

One of my examples is Ophelia. Ophelia is mainly used as a prop throughout the story. I feel like she never really develops as a character. At the very beginning all she did was obey her father, she was mainly used to make things happen. This shows how invaluable she really was in the play.


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