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In recently years in Vietnam, paedophilia and one of the most outstanding problems which has sparked controversy.Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent have sexual attraction with children. Paedophilia, in essence is not a crime It only will become a crime providing that the adult has child sexual abuse behaviors. In Vietnam, paedophilia only becomes a matter of concern after a case of famous actor. In this time there are some pages in Facebook are created because of this problem such as confessions pages. After that, people realize paedophilia (as a crime) happens a lot around us. Currently the amount of peadophilia cases which is detected and sued increases. A case in Quang Ninh province (an aged officer rapped a little girl 4 times) tried but people aren’t satisfied with the punishment that judge decide. This is only one case, in general, Vietnamese law doesn’t have much attention and clear rules about this offence. There are those who maintain that the punishments for paedophilia are too light and not enough to deterrence others. According to me, I completely agree with that idea. Despite seriously offence, the criminal law seem to not pay much attention for this. It is difficul to detect a peadophilia case because the victims – the childen don’t know that is a bad behavior, they aren’t taught about sex education. The adults often do not want to talk about this because of embarrasment but it will lead to many bad affects. Older children know paedophilia is a crime but they keep silent because of shame, threat from perpetrators or due to their parents. In many cases, the perpetrators is a relative with victim’s family so that the parents belive them, they think that the perpetrator was a very good person and he couldn’t do this kind of activities. Parents do not truth their child’s story, even they scold child because of lying. In other cases, the parents do not realize the seriousness of problem. They claim that these behaviors (paedophilia) are close gesture, they said their child: “He do this because he dears you”. For them, it is a nomal behavior. In addition, in few cases, victim’s family accuse the perpetrator; however, it is difficult to define that offence. The victim’s parents have to spend much time and money on accusing perpetrator. Sometimes, victims and families are impotent and give up  cases.  Finally, I want to highlight that paedophilia is a seriously offence. It destroys children future and leaves deep hurt for them and their families. Therefore, we need to pay more attention and lood at this problem in a correct way, especially the government.


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