In the cyber age of the twenty first century, the act of cross examining information is necessary to come up with a an unbiased outcome for the good of a project. A developer might need the expertise of another developer for many reasons such as lacks experience, field expertise and many more. This concept also can be applied in everyday content sharing. On a daily basis, video content is shared constantly especially in the age of social media and a internet crime. Such a concept is important because in the era of privacy , because if such data ends up in the wrong hands, said video evidence could become less reliable; and might cause the investigation to be completely compromised. In the act of sharing video data, there are many ways an individual’s data can be compromised.

For example, emails containing data can be intercepted from a third party that is clandestinely observing the interaction; while physical storage drives can either be stolen, destroyed, or even accessed when the owner of said drive is distracted. This is why users of private video sharing need a platform to share and pass video data without the risk of compromising the important data in question.In this project, the researcher has chosen to create a system that will help user.

Secure video encryption and sharing is one of the system for the PC for sending and receiving video securely by encrypting the video data while the video is being sent and stores said video data into an online webhosting cloud to store the encrypted data and will be decrypted when the receiver downloads the data. In this system, both user sender and receiver must install the software and create a username and password. This System will use AES and Blowfish algorithm. The data will be shared only for the specific users only and with this system there is no third party or unauthorized user will steal the data clandestinely. This system will also have password recovery through email if the user forgets their username or password.This System will become useful because it is safe to be used; even if the user’s PC or Laptop is becomes damaged or stolen, the video data can be recovered from the cloud, since it was stored in a secure webhosting site.



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