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In1972, the Supreme Court took away the death penalty law without any majorreason. Five years later it came back, but this time the new law would be theguide to judges and juries to see who was going to be sentence to death. Formost of the times, black lives are the ones that always tend to have the majorpart of responsibility, meaning they would be treated different from those ofwhite color. While it is a stereotype, life sentence was mostlikely to happen when a white was killed that when a black was.

This fact wouldtotally break the four-teen (14th) amendment of the constitution.This amendment is supposed to treat everyone equal, meaning that no colorshould affect the decision for death penalty.             All lives are the same, and just becausethey are the minority does not mean they need to be responsible for what happened.Being a minority does not mean that they should automatically be sentence for deathpenalty. It only means that they may have less resources to live and must find anotherway to survive. However, here comes the misunderstanding.

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Just because they maylive in poor neighborhoods or be surrounded by what it is considered to be a badinfluence does not mean they are bad or should be convicted for anything. It onlymeans that they were less luckily than those who can afford expensive things.             Black people are not bad, in factmany of them may be as good, or even better than white   people are.When it comes to major accidents, for instance the death of someone; blacksshould be given the same opportunities in court as whites receives. The judgesshould have a good and strong evidence to convict them. The judges would needto know more than just their race and color.             To conclude, the court system is theone guilty for all the stereotyping they are committing inside the court.

 They should be able to look beyond appearance andtry to find good, strong evidence to convict someone to death penalty. Just becausesomeone is black they cannot give them less importance those that are white; becauseblack lives matters!


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