In fact that most creatures on earth do

In years, humans developed the abilities and much the skills tocommunicate.

At first, one might think that only humans have to ability tocommunicate between then.  With manystudies, we know for fact that most creatures on earth do communicate. Thinkfor a second, a colony of ants, can communicate between them with colour, sizeetc. etc. every ant is assigned a particular task to perform.

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Same one canconsider with a hive of bees. One queen bee and all others perform different tasks,which each without voice but with wing noise can communicate with one another. Therefore,it is very clearly that creatures small or large can communicate too. One canask, communication is just a simple way to communicate, dose it serve to ourneeds of our lives.

To these historical questions. Social scientific andanthropologist provide some part of answer as part of knowledge diversity,which is considered as the field to communication studies. Communication ismuch more than being able for public speaking. Communication studies goes backthousands of years.

Philosophers Aristotle and Plato they are the fathers andwere the first known as systematically study about speeches. Communicationprocesses in listening, perception, nonverbal and nonetheless in-group, mediacommunication, interpersonal, intercultural etc. etc.  These entire are various context forms ofcommunication.  Perception associated largely with human communications, thingspeople distinguish differently according on their noncognitive filters. Becausesuch filters, could be selective approaches and closure.

To the same informationpeople exposed can end up very differently and the perception when the managersexplain workplace behaviour. Workers are more likely in general explainbehaviours withstand bias. They attribute to problems to external purpose.Fundamental commit managers tend to be mistaken. Consequently, if things gowrong managers easily blame workers, on the other hand workers blame externalsituations, or the context how to perform their job. To describe communicationprogress or various kind of organisations. Established organisationalcommunications a major factor based on sender, the receiver, the noise andabove all the feedback. How communication differ from one country to another?Culture plays huge roll, how one can communicate in companies, organisations orcommonly within the society.

Perception of communication act like filter whichall forms of communication travels from one human to another. People perceivedifferently.  Easily interpret message,as differently by any other individuals. Attribution progress draft of explanation to certain


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