In to a group or they do not.

In the primary scales of measurement, the nominalscale is used in our Part C: Demographic, survey questions. Nominal scales aremere codes assigned to object as labels, they are not measurement normeasurement for quantity. This scaling method is used to measure identity anddifference.

Either respondents belong to a group or they do not. Results gainedcan use to compute frequency distribution, mode, Chi-square. Nevertheless,nominal scales are not used to compute mean, median, standard deviation, ratioetc. All five questions are asked by using the nominal scale. Form and LayoutPerodua Axia online survey is divided into threeparts. Which are Part A, B & C. The questions inside are numberedparticularly.Order of Survey QuestionsFor our Perodua Axia online survey, we have used thecommon type of order for the questions.

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First, it starts with qualifyingquestions.  Its focus on respondentinclusion criteria, and it is used to determine if a respondent is eligible toparticipate in the survey. Part A has asked about participants whether theyheard about Perodua brand and whether they are using any Perodua made product.

Next, psychographic aka lifestyle questions are beingpresented. These questions are not relevant to surveys. However, they arepresent to obtain personality-related information. For instance, how many daysdo you drive per week? Part A question 3-5 are psychographic questions.

Besides that, the survey has asked some introductoryquestions. These questions are broad and easy and often use to break the iceand put respondent at ease. For instance, How would you rate Perodua product?After that, the survey continues with main questions.The main questions start with easy one which the question is related to theinformation needed, but easy to answer. These questions focus on survey topicand reassure the respondent that the survey is simple to answer. Everymarketing mix questionnaires start with the main question that is easy toanswer.Product: What changes do you think that would mostimprove Perodua? Price: Do you think the price for Perodua Axiacorrespond with the quality (performance)? Promotion: Do you think Perodua year-end promotion isuseful? Place: Would you like to gain information from Peroduae-commerce website or from showroom and sales representative?The survey continues with a more difficult mainquestion to obtain the rest of information needed.

(Marketing mix questions aredisplayed above as Part B, Product Q2, Price Q2, Promotion Q2-Q3, Place Q2-Q3)Finally, yet importantly, demographic questions arepresented in the survey. These questions are used to obtain personalinformation and to classify the respondents. For instance, what is your gender?Part C consists five demographic questions. SampleCollection MethodThe targetpopulation of Perodua Axia survey is defined in the element, participants thatare using Perodua Axia. Sampling unit, which can be found in university for thereason that majority are driving. The extent of the target population is KlangValley, Malaysia. Time for the frame for the survey is one week.

The sampling frame of this survey areparticipants that are driving. However, there may be some sampling frame errorsuch as participants are not driving Perodua Axia. Alternatively, participantsthat are driving Perodua Axia but could not be contacted, not participating thesurvey.There are varieties of techniques in thecollection of survey data. People can be surveyed using several differentmethods such as by interview on the telephone and in person, by paperquestionnaires whether delivered by mail or postage or by the electronic methodswhich are E-mail and Internet. However, the way that we use in the collectionof data is Internet survey, whichrefers to the questionnaire, posted on the website that questions are displayedby clicking the icon and keying the answer that we created in the Google form.To be more specific, it is an invitationonline sampling, that potential respondents are alerted that they couldfill questionnaires. It can be also an unrestrictedself-selected survey for the reason that the survey is open to theuniversity students to participate and fill the questionnaires.

We used electronic Internet method for our datacollection because using online questionnaires is cheaper. The use of Internet survey is removing the need for papersurveys. Paper surveys can be expensive because ofthe costs of paper, printing frees, and postage frees are all the expenses.While Internet survey does not have all these expenses and save the transcription costs since online responses are automaticallydocumented. Therefore, Internet survey is more affordable compared tothe papersurveys method.In addition, toreduce the costs, the speed of Internet survey collecting the datais higher compared to the papersurveys. For example, paper surveys such as inperson or mailed to the participant to complete the survey and mail it backedis really time-consuming.

Hence, we are using Internet survey so that itis quick and simple that we can be directed send to the population via socialmedia such as Facebook and WhatsApp in minutes. In the end, our samplepopulation can respond immediately and data is collected automatically becauseof this rapid distribution.  Furthermore, Internet survey is more personalized and flexible questioning. Thatmeans Internet survey can be changed the order of the questions or questionscan be set to skip depending on the answer to the previous question. In oursurvey, we had set that all the participants need to answer all questionsbefore submitting.

When answer selections are reorganized, skewed resultsbecause of respondents always clicking the first choice are avoided. Internetsurvey easily permits for randomizationreducing interviewer bias. To summarize,Internet survey is the great option that we choose for conducting our researchbecause it is less costly as well as less time consuming and the question isflexible. Thus, we can get the result faster, analyze at any time for furtheranalysis, and create graphs or charts for reporting


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