In how this prejudiced action leaves millions of

In the article, “If this is America,” Roger Cohen reveals how Trump and the American government are manipulating the minds of the citizens into accepting misrepresentations, to distract the society from reality. Moreover, Trump believes that an unjust system along with the abuse of power would solve for these current issues. Utilizing anaphora, repetition, and allusions to the text 1984, Cohen alerts the Americans about Trump’s actions, and conveys that American ideals must be fought for and won back. From the start of the article, Cohen expresses an irritated tone, through the repetition of the phrase “Great Leader” and “If this is America,” as the start to the majority of the paragraphs. Addressing President Trump as a “Great Leader” is sarcastic because Cohen is conveying that if he was a “Great Leader,” then the government wouldn’t have to atrociously mishandle current issues. Here, Cohen makes an allusion to current day North Korea, as President Kim Jong-un, mistreats his citizens, though he still expects them to address him as a “Great Leader,” revealing how both leaders misuse the power that the position of being president gives them.

For instance, “the Great Leader celebrates a tax cut that saves his family millions but allows CHIP- the Children’s Health Insurance Program, covering nearly nine million kids- to expire,” an instance that demonstrates Trump’s corruption of power. The “Great Leader” claims to save millions for his wealthy family by celebrating a tax deduction, careless of how this prejudiced action leaves millions of kids without healthcare insurance. For that reason, the repetition of “Great Leader,” evokes a feeling in nationalists that they should fight back for the rights they deserve. This serves as a direct link into why Cohen starts almost every sentence in a paragraph with, “If This is America.” The first sentence arouses the question of flaws in today’s society, which is addressed through the rest of the paragraph. By creating this anaphora, Cohen places emphasis on the change that needs to occur within America to support the rights of people. Another significant device that Cohen uses to convey the need for revolution, is allusion, specifically to the text 1984, by George Orwell.

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He alludes to 1984 when referring to how America is a parallel to the “land of Newspeak” in which the “White House that believes in alternative facts” is distributing “FAKE NEWS.” Newspeak, the official language of this society, gives an impression that it relates strictly to what is happening in the world currently, but Orwell obviously intended the ambiguity, since it is entirely plausible that “alternative facts” are essential to the Newspeak dictionary, considering it is the official language for propaganda. This ties us into the idea that Donald Trump is endeavoring to bend the standards of our democracy to his own will. After all, the “Great Leader” wants Americans to believe “alternative facts,” rather than what our eyes see. As Cohen addresses, “If this is America, where the Great Leader wants you to believe that 2+2=5…then you must be prepared to watch the things you gave your life to, broken.” Cohen specifically uses “2+2=5” because the Party in 1984 manipulates society into believing this, a parallel to Trump, which aids Cohen in supporting his claim about how Trump is creating these “alternative facts” through an unjust system. Cohen’s opinion is very clear that this is not the America he advocates for; Cohen believes in a country with freedom and the gospel truth and not “Fake News.

” Thus, Cohen reveals that citizens need to fight back for their beliefs.


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