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 In the year 2014, allsmokers worldwide quickly consumed around 5.8 trillion (5,800,000,000,000) cigarettesdue to their smoking addiction. There is still continuous increase of cigaretteconsumption (Pullan and Hey, 2008) where parents are vast portions inuncontrollable smoking with a measurement of 3 over 5 families have parents whoare current smokers (Somerville and Chinn, 2010). Adverse health effectsassociated with cigarette consumption are well documented.

Studies show thatthe lowest consumption of cigarettes per day is in the range of 1 to 9 or 1 to 15cigarettes intake. The consumption groups clustered according to the upperlimit intake of smokers may be remain 15 or not. Hence, the threshold value mightbe on a lower level than 1 cigarette (Ware and Dockery, 2011). In connection,there are only few reported prospective researches concentrating on therelationship of smoking less than 5 cigarettes and its consequences towards health.            Ina study of Hugland (2009), study shows that varieties of negative healthefffects are experience not only by smokers but as well as non-smokers involveddue to second hand smoke inhalation. Puffing greater maximum of tobaccocontributes numerous hazardous chemicals and as a consequence, higher alveolarcarbon monoxide awareness occurs (Golding, 2007),possible damaging of the lungs (Wetzman, et. al) and death of women caused bylung cancer (Matinez, 2010).

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The volume of puffing cigarette smoke calculatesthe success on cessation treatment and health outcomes of smokers (Etzel, 2009), in the same way aschildren (Golding, 2007).Established in the following studies, it is firmly stated that children’s healthis significantly related to daily cigarette intake.            Smokinghabits. Millions of people are successfully tempted to smoke. A person maynot control the routine of smoking cigarette causing them to puff hundreds oftimes each and every day and constantly making this a strong habit for manyyears (Matinez, 2012). Based on their study, it is further stated that a smokerwho stopped smoking for a long period find it odd or uncomfortable not having acigarette in their mouths or hands.

Shifting to non-smoking made hands seekcigarettes even when they aren’t strongly craving them for the reason thatpassive smokers are accustomed to handling cigarettes.In relation withthe above-mentioned study, enumerated signs were utilized on identifying peoplewith strong smoking habits. Young (2008) indicates that a person is heavysmoker if the following are observed: habitual cigarette intake with no realizationor rationalization, lighting another cigarette unknowingly with a burningcigarette in the ashtray, smoking after less than 30 minutes by the time ofwaking up, does not remember putting a cigarette in the mouth or hands. Afurther sign of a heavy smoker is when a person considers the process ofsmoking as enjoyment: handling a cigarette, lighting, puffing, exhaling, orwatching the smoke. Smoking while drinking coffee, or in taking alcohol, talkingon the telephone, and any other activities or actions is automaticallyconsidered as heavy smoking.


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