In happy, spending weekends playing in the

In structural engineering, bendingmoment is defined as the reaction induced in a structural element as aresult of application of external force or moment. This reaction causes theelement to bend. In simple words, bending moment is an invisibleinternal force developed in a structural element such as a beam to counteractthe externally applied force.It was a hot sunny day in Melbourne,Australia when I first arrived at the student residence in burwood campus.After checking in for a few nights’ stay, I headed off to nearby market for somegroceries. Walking towards the highway, I could recall in my head what myfriend told me back in my country about the abnormally high intensity of heatin Australia. Feeling exhausted because of a long hours of flight and impropersleep, I had a mixed feeling of joy and loneliness: joy, because I am in placewhere I always desired to be and lonely, because I was ignorant of the places’whereabouts. With sweats pouring down heavily on my cheeks and the fact that Iwas new to the country and not able to find a taxi for a long time was a lonelyexperience.

  My favorite place, which is importantto me, back in my country is my current home address; a place where I have spentmost of my childhood years, filled with lots of memories with family andfriends. It was a place where I remember being carefree and happy, spendingweekends playing in the dirt with my siblings and best friends and then goingfor a swim in the nearby river. Back then, it used to a quiet place surrounded withgreeneries and fresh spring water for drinking. Mom’s garden in the backyard, whereshe grew vegetables and flowers made the place more beautiful and a specialplace to live. The most important place to me inAustralia, at the moment, is my university campus. Located away from thebustling city life, Deakin University in Burwood campus is the place where Ispent most of my time undergoing the IAP course. This place is swarmed withinternational students and the fact that I have met lots of friends in my classfrom different countries makes it a special place to learn.

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