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In chapter 8, a lesson that teaches the importances of letters and emails, and how essential it is to able communicate with friend, family, co-worker, or it could be a business letter expressing though your deepest part of you , and that you want to express your emotional meaningful words or to someone very important such as in this lesson that I learned when the email between Jonah Peretti, an MIT graduate student who order his shoes from Nike company, and he want to customize his item through the what so-called “Nike ID,” a program that lets their customers personalize your products with any word or phrase of their choice to be stitched under the Nikes symbol. The author for this disagreement between the two written by Diana Griego Erwins. This letter took place in Sacramento Bee february 20, 2001.
First of all, the Nike company has been criticized for child labor for a very low wages in order for the company to profits their product high and cost low, and the right to have freedom of speeches, and individuality a college student from Oakland Jonah Peretti, MIT graduate student who got his shoes order denied from Nikes because he wanted to personalize how word of desire on his shoes “sweatshop” be added. They send him an email stated that his order was personal design was contain another party’s trademark, contains profanity or inappropriate slang, and it contain athlete name that they do not have the legal right to use it. To me right off the beginning that Nikes is vulnerable to the fact that the word Jonah want to use for his shoes “sweatshop” is being point out the obvious of the company itself being criticized for child labor, and they stalling the facts and give him excuses. After that he still being persistence on them to pass his order through, and reply back to which he is well aware of what he want in his design and it doesn’t contain any violation of the criteria that the company put out for him, yet Nikes still canceled, and telling Jonah that it contain “inappropriate slang”.
In the end, Jonah want to end the discussion of this argument by saying that he’s appreciated the quick response to his email by a disagree of how the company keep saying it’s inappropriate slang, Jonah concluded his argument with personalize Nike ID with a very good close out statement. Stated that he’s very much appreciated for Nike to respond to him pretty quickly, and because the company kept telling him that the design that he wanted is inappropriate and that why they will denied it. Jonah thinks other while. As in the email written said that he had carefully consulting with Webster’s Dictionary, that he’s discovered that the word “sweatshop” is, in fact, standard American English and not a slang. The definition of the term means: “A shop or a factory or workshop, especially in the clothing industry, where manual workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.” with everything he got to explain the wrongdoing of the company for employing these poor child to work for a company that don’t give them the credit they deserve, and working long hours under unhealthy condition that are not suitable for children under the age of consent. Jonah also mention in his email said that the Nike ID personalize advertises about the freedom to choose and the freedom to express who you are. In fact, Peretti use their own advertisement as a defense to his argument to why the term “sweatshop” is so controversial, for that the company won’t do it for him, because doing so would tainted and jeopardized Nike brand name. As far as I understand, after reading this little excerpt from the author written about the disagreement between Peretti and Nike Personalize ID are controversial because with everything Jonah trying to say to cleverly try to let the company know what their actions are wrong and by making them design the word that he wanted on his shoes, he wanted the people to understand that the product that you are using are due to these hard working under-age children’s, also in the end he asked for a small request to send him a snapshot of the small child working there in the factory, to prove to what they are trying to kept it hidden in public eyes.
Secondly, I am strongly believe in child-labor law, and Perretti have my full support in his defence to why the action what he did is to expose the company biggest flaw. The main law regulating about child-labor in the U.S for non-agricultural jobs that are kids under 14 can’t be in the workforce, and children between 14 and 16 may be employed in certain amount of hours can be given to them. All these regulation being put out to the federal level now unsure there won’t be any place out there that will employ child that are not cover in the law. This back and forth between the two show how importance it is to Peretti. Child labor is wrong and it doesn’t help the community for a better generation coming up, because the children today will be the next generation come up and better the society. Make children that are young and have so much potential with their frail physical in a unsuitable work environment that will influence them for the rest of their life. What these kids need is education for a better life and get a higher better job, and that would exponentially increased the economy and help the society for a better place. Education is very important, because that what help in developmental for the betterment in higher better job and also improvement in society and it’s very important to always remember to limit as much as possible and complete have child protection from the workforce to employ them when they are too young.


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