In internet on scale of 0-10, computer dependency

In China, internet addiction went through the significant change from a psychiatric interest to a publicly recognized problem. The internet users who are younger than 30 now account for 58.2% of the population.

Therefore, young people became main users of the Internet. According to the China Youth Internet Association (CYIA), 14.1% of the adolescent living in urban areas suffers from IAD which is about 24 million people. In addition 18.6 million of adolescent shows symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder. In order to investigate and measure Internet Addiction technique called Internet Connectedness was developed.

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It was created to monitor and capture the relationship between a person and the internet. Facing difficulties, the multi-dimensional concept of internet connectedness index (ICI) was created. ICI combine measures like time, history or context, but also elements such as the intensity of the internet in a person’s life. According to the Internet addiction among young people in China by Qiaolei Jiang internet connectedness index is divided into several parts which are “internet use history, task scope, site scope, goal scope, activity scope, time scope, evaluation of the internet, internet dependency, and computer dependency.” Internet use history means how long has a person access to the internet, site scope is concerned with the places where person connects to the internet like home, library or café, activity scope focuses on the activities on the internet such as social network sites (SNS), downloading or gaming, time scope deals with intensity of the use of the Internet, Internet dependency cares about how much is person addicted to the internet on scale of 0-10, computer dependency was measured similarly to the Internet dependency and last but not least goal scope is based on six media-system goals by Ball-Rokeach. These data were collected in one of the first and biggest internet addiction clinics in China, the Chinese Youth Psychological Development Base, sometimes referred to as “the Base”.  The Base is located in a southern suburb of Beijing in 2005 and it is a part of Addiction Medicine Center in General Hospital of Beijing.

All clients has to go through a diagnostic interview to determine the depth of their Internet Addiction. The data from the interview are divided into several parts which are internet connectedness, online gaming, IAD symptoms, academic performance decrement, and demographics.Internet connectedness – composed of the nine elementsOnline gaming – composed of several parts which are frequent online game playing, online gaming history, and number of friends online


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