In atmosphere and a rapidly developing commercial sector,

In this world of globalization, it is essential to have an extensive and refined intercontinental outlook. Ireland boasts an admirable culturally diversified atmosphere and a rapidly developing commercial sector, as well as an outstanding advancement in areas of science and technology. In such a setting, I will be mostly exposed to various skills and ideas that would definitely enable me to develop my management skills and help me to turn into a professional with unlimited potential. For these reasons, I hope to gain immense knowledge on marketing and management from the exceptional professors of the most reputable business school in Ireland, i.e.

, the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. I hope to attain maximum utilization of the various resources and facilities that are provided by the school to grow into a remarkable professional individual.I was born and raised in a family where every male individual is into business. Therefore, I had a keen interest in management at a very young age by witnessing the business activities of my father and my grandfather.

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My father is an entrepreneur in the whole-selling industry who is likely very business minded and dedicated to his work. Since my childhood, I started absorbing many concepts and ideas related to business and management. This made me clear that I had to pursue my career in business and management. Little did I know, that my dream would have a long break in between. In India, only a few mainstream educational fields such as medical, engineering is regarded as prestigious and commendable by the Indian society. A student in India is often considered and judged as better by the Indian society, if he/she is pursuing those mainstream courses, among others who don’t. Every parent wants to provide the best opportunity for their child.

So, did my parents too. Deluded by societal norms, my parents asked me to reconsider my aim and go along the path that is mostly taken by many Indian students. Taking my parent’s advice on the account and believing that their decision would turn out to be best for me, I took science as my stream for higher secondary education instead of my preferred stream, i.e., commerce. I was assured by my relatives that, taking science as my higher secondary school subject would help me broaden up my choices for my career and open up wider opportunities. Thus, the decision taken with such enthusiasm and ambition backfired. Soon I realized decision of taking science as a stream was not wise.

Day by day, subjects seemed tougher to me and I started losing interest in those subjects. My grades started to fall with every passing term exam. Eventually, I completed my higher secondary education with an unpleasant score which started plummeting my motivation to learn and question my purpose in life.Hope. Thus, the slightest glimmer of hope rose in me after I questioned myself of my true purpose and aim in life. The answer to that question gave me clarity about my career and my life. That’s when I started getting hold of my life and taking my own decision irrespective of society’s thoughts and beliefs.

Therefore, I had made up my mind and decided to continue my dream of becoming a successful professional manager in an international context. So, I went on and earned my bachelor’s degree in Bachelors of Business Administration from a business School under a reputable university of our state. During the course of my degree, I covered many management courses including Marketing Management, Production and Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Micro & Macro Economics and researched on various notable case studies that proved beneficial in understanding the concepts and principles of management.

During my time at the business school, I gradually started developing a positive attitude that helped me cultivate the patience to deal with different demanding and frustrating situations. Apart from growing patient, my communication and soft skills like teamwork, responsibility, professionalism, etc. started improving at a steady pace. Hence, my college has provided me with valuable knowledge and experience which would definitely prove to be vital in my future management related work.In addition to my experience at the business school, I further developed my skills as an Intern at Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha Limited (IPICOL), where I researched on the training and development protocol of the organization by collecting data through a self-prepared set of questionnaires and analyzing the collected data in order to reach a conclusion. Soon after graduating, I started working as a Marketing Executive at Syspro Foods Private Limited, where I am working under a progressive team and learning on the job about various concepts of business like dealing with clients, adapting to fluctuating market scenarios, meeting deadlines, etc.

Thus, I have gained a fair amount of practical knowledge and experiences by claiming these incredibly valuable opportunities which could not have been possible through learning books and attending classes alone.In my final words, I would like to aver that I shall effectively utilize every opportunity that is bestowed upon me. I would be much obliged if I get the golden opportunity of getting admitted into your business school and being guided by your eminent professors at a campus which considered to have a state-of-art infrastructure and an amicable environment. I am convinced that I will be able to gain a profound academic foundation and practical experience by studying alongside with such dedicated professionals and students. I sincerely believe that my objectives will be met to the fullest.



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