In defined as multicultural society. It is very

In any multicultural society, one of the benefits of it is to learn and comprehend about various cultures.

A society or a gathering of individuals can from different cultures and morals can be defined as multicultural society. It is very beneficial for us to learn about different types of cultures, because we are able to experience different ways of life. For example, we might notice things like the outfits they wear and how they welcome each other. For instance, “The Anjali Mudrc” is a salute in India, regularly joined by the welcome “Namaste.

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” In the event that there is a play situated in Japan, there is a traditional costume called “Kimono”. A female Japenese performer, called geisha dependably wears a kimono. According to Joan Smalls, fashion is part of our culture, and its about more than just a pretty dress.


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