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In my freshmen year of college, I heard alot about research but I didn’t know anything about it. I had a great biologyprofessor who really opened my eyes and helped me realize how importantresearch is for science, medicine and for the improvement of society ingeneral.

I was so interested I decided to apply to a summer research workshop.I was accepted and had the opportunity of participating in the workshop called”DNA Extraction and Amplification: Mitochondrial DNA” sponsored by the HowardHughes Medical Institute. I learned about research in genetics and its role inhuman health.

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I understood its importance and its potential to improvecommunity health. I was also able to get hands on experience and learn how touse different equipment and various molecular techniques to extract and amplifyDNA. This was one of the experiences that sparked my interest and motivated meto get involved in research.

Another important experience that helpedme shape my career goals was shadowing. At the beginning of my second year incollege I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Manati Medical Center withphysicians from different specialties. I remember one of the patients I sawwhen I rotated with a general surgeon, she was there for a gallbladder removal.The nurses brought her in to the operating room and I noticed how nervous shewas. The anesthesiologist quickly calmed her and made her comfort a priority. Onceshe was done, the surgeon came in, and with the help of many professionals, thesurgery was successful. This changed the way I thought about medicine, I sawthe teamwork between multiple professionals and the impact each one had on thepatient.

This whole experience gave me an invaluable look into a physician’slifestyle and helped me determine my career goals. These experiences sparked my interest inmedicine and research but I am inspired by my community. I aspire become aphysician and bring service to Puerto Rico, an increasingly poor and agingpopulation with a shortage of physicians, specialists and other healthprofessionals.

I also want to contribute to public health research in PuertoRico, in order to repair the public health catastrophe, now intensified by hurricaneMaria. I want to complete a combined MD/PhD in Public Health Program which willgive me the experience and knowledge I need to reach my goal. The thought ofbeing able to make a difference in my community is what motivates me to pursuea career in research and medicine. The Summer Undergraduate ResearchFellowship in the University of Cincinnati will help me reach my goals bygiving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in my field of interest andget training from professionals in a strong research institution. It wouldallow me to work in an intellectual environment and get involved with peoplewho share my interests.

This internship would open many doors and get me closerto what I ultimately intend to do in life, serve my community and contribute toscientific research. It would be an honor to be a part of this challengingexperience.  


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