In just to see new things and

In Allegory of the cave, Socrates wants you to know that you can’t gain knowledge from just your senses, you have to have evidence and reasoning. I think most people in the US believe what they see and do not really want change, The Prisoners think the shadows are the real thing and have no idea about the actual world.

When the prisoner left the cave he found many discoveries, he came back to tell the other guys. This is like when we go to college, except we are not forced to go, we want to. In college you don´t only learn things in classes, you live kind of on your own, without parents. This will open up the new ¨light¨ to us. I, personally want to get away from this place after college, just to see new things and have some more excitement. The prisoners that didn’t leave the cave are content and ignore the smarter prisoner.

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The smarter prisoner is someone who has found new and better things while the other prisoners are people who like the shadows and do not want change.


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