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In fact, many people would agree that Ethics isgenerally a hot topicin intercollegiate athletics. The sizzling topic makes all theathletic loopholes make so much more sense. Many people may not understand butrealistically all someone really needs is money to start a school. This is agreat example when there are universities like the university of faith who arean online-based school. Many people may argue that there is only so much onecan actually learn from online learning. In class institutions makes it easierfor their professors and students to be a lot more hands on yet engaging.

Thisarticle is actually quite fascinating to read and digest. Articles like thismake me realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to play for aninstitution that has been extremely competitive all levels of athletic sportwhether its softball or ranging to football. In this particular article it hasto do with institutions that are deemed to be fake intercollegiate programsthat are strictly online-based colleges. This article states, “Classes the only thing that is different aboutthis college is that his students/ players log in to computers to take classes(Kruse, 2017).  The crazy thing aboutthis whole University of Faith ordeal is that the same person that is thefootball coach is the same person who presidents the student body of thecollege.

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This article sheds light on the fact that anyone could starta college in this day and age. TheUniversity of Faith is a branch campus of the College of Faith, which is basedin West Memphis, Ark (Kruse, 2017). College programs like this in my opinionlack the core values of what is to be a actual student and primarily fail to beable to conduct themselves face to face. Although I think that this creation ofthis institution was a good idea.

In my opinion I think that the College ofFaith robs its online students the opportunity of obtaining a quality level ofeducation because they do this college is not accredited by the Department ofEducation.      after hearingMs. Rebecca Williamson come to our intercollegiate class I felt as though therewere more to just being the Director of Academic Enrichment center. She told usthat before going back to school she wanted to be a dentist assistant inMexico. She also explained that growing up it was hard for her in school shestated that she never was a good student academically. But now about ten yearslater she is the ace Coordinator for the past 5 years and counting.

I learnedmore things about her job and what was required of her thanI thought I knew.  Ms. Williamson effectively broke down her jobdescription into three different parts to what is means to be in herposition.              First, administrative position that she hasto report all student information back to theinstitution due to the fact that Ace is a Nonprofit.

She also administersher nonstudents and makes sure that her staff is well equipped and ready foreach week. She talked about how makes sure that she holds at least 2 scheduledmeetings each month for her staff to shed light on what they need to work onand what is going well. She talked about that she handles thedata for ace making sure that all student all get a free chance to highereducation tutoring. The way in which she keeps record is by keeping track ofthe data.            Second, liaison position and how she is a part of the faculty,oversees departments and students.

She stated that she loved her job as afaculty member. She loves that she coordinates her own department for exampleace. She loves that she’s able to work with students and helping them toachieve success.             Third, Student advocate this positions she loves the most she described it ashelping students to be able to manage their time wisely. Ms. Williamson harpson the fact to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spirituallybecause when you can take care of those aspects you will then start to seegrowth.



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