In go inside and check,” said Yousuf.

In the bright sunny city of Orlando, Florida during the Winter Holidays with whispers spreading keg like wildfire.”Yousuf didn’t your parents go missing too.”, asked Yousuf. “Yeah,” Let’s go home before it gets dark, Yousuf said with a dark voice.  “Do you want to get Ian,” said Yousuf. “Yeah, where is he”.said Yousuf. “He’s at home; he’s sick.

“, Said Yousuf. When they got to Ian’s house, they heard screaming from inside. “What the bloody hell was that,” said Yousuf. “I don’t know, let’s go inside and check,” said Yousuf. They went inside after the discordant screams went away. They went to Ian’s room and found him grieving, “What happened.” asked Yousuf, “The ghouls killed my parents.

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“, Ian wailed. “What ghouls,” said Yousuf. Ghouls took the missing people, and they are probably all in their stomach’s right now. “We’ll be okay only if we stay together.”, said, Yousuf.” We’ll go to Yousuf’s house because they will not go back there because they took the people inside of it.

“, said Yousuf. “Let me go get some stuff to stay overnight then.”, Said Ian. After Ian came back with some food, clothes, and weapons, the group started walking to Yousuf’s house they passed by houses with screams and wails from the neighboring houses. “Let’s hurry up and get to my house, I need to get some equipment,” said Yousuf.

As they got to Yousuf’s house, the screams seemed everywhere including Yousuf’s house.” Let’s wait for the ghouls to leave and hide so we can get into the house.”, Said Yousuf. As the left the house, Ian and Yousuf had to stop Yousuf from screaming for his mother. The ghouls left, and they went to get the weapons and equipment accessories from the house(Games, food, books, survival kits, wooden planks to block windows, and a laptop for research about the ghouls, drills, and a peephole equipment) When they got to Yousuf’s house, they agreed to barricade all entrances, put traps, and put the wooden planks on all the windows and go to Yousuf’s room.” This should buy us some time, and we should keep the lights closed so it doesn’t attract attention, and Yousuf give me your laptop I need to do some research on ghouls,” said Yousuf.” OK, here it is,” said Yousuf.

You could hear Yousuf Researching on ghouls natural habitat and life source.” Let me install a peephole”, said Ian. “OK, Hurry Up with the job though,” explained Yousuf. “We’re relocating to the basement guys, what they fear most,” said Yousuf. When they finally got to the basement they What sounded to be human knocking on the front door. “Let me go check the Peephole,” said Ian. “OK I’ll come with you, and I’ll bring a weapon with me,” said Yousuf.

As they looked through the peephole, there was what looked like a girl their age at the door. As they opened the door, they heard a sigh of relief from the girl.”Hi, my name is Julia,” said the girl.

“Hi, my name is Ian, and this is Yousuf, Let me take you to our haven,” said Ian. As they were going downstairs to the haven, Julia asked them about the screaming and the wailing. “There are ghouls killing everyone in the city, we are one of the few ones left alive, what brings you here? ” asked Ian, praying he wasn’t blushing simultaneously. ” I was on vacation from a small town in Pennsylvania called Allentown. I was taking a walk down the beach and started hearing screams everywhere, and when I finally got to the resort,  I heard screams there too. So I  ran and was lucky enough to find a house without screaming people, so I knocked and when you opened, and the sight of a normal person relieved me, anyways why do you have a knife, Yousuf,” asked Julia. ” Allentown, where we are from, let me introduce you to our friend and one of the reasons we are still here today, Oh I have a knife In case of a ghoul,” said Yousuf.

When they went down to the basement, Yousuf was with another boy and was in a rapid conversation.” Hi, My name is Philip, but  I prefer PAC MAN. What has been going on,” said PAC MAN holding a box gingerly. “What’s in that box,” asked Julia. “My mother’s corpses which I burned to ashes, so she doesn’t transform into a ghoul when buried,” sobbed PAC MAN. The good luck charm is the reason that he was alive at the moment. Julia, Yousuf, and Ian joined their conversation after they settled down and got Julia and PAC MAN to calm down a bit.

After darkness filled the horizon, Ian asked, “Let me go get some sleeping bags from upstairs so we can sleep in a few hours,” As Ian went upstairs you could tell he’s panicking and should’ve taken someone with him. In a matter of seconds, you could hear screaming from Ian, and they knew they had only minutes to live. “Who are you, are you working for them, aren’t you” screamed PAC MAN. “No I’m not, I’ll show you, ” said Julia calmly, while pulling out her knife. They went up as a group to retrieve Ian’s body and fight off the ghouls. They could have been dead if it wasn’t for Julia and PAC MAN who killed all of them. They found Ian’s body and  said with a weak voice, “They want flesh from one person in the house, the more we kill, the more that come.

” You’ll be okay.” cried Julia. Let us take him downstairs and heal him. As if it was a miracle Ian was majestically healed, and It was just as they wanted, but with no sleeping bags. The group agreed to get more equipment from upstairs. “We need to get some sleep,” explained Julia.

Yousuf said bravely, “I’ll take first watch while everyone sleeps.” At daybreak, they figured out that  the ghouls have taken over the world and very few uninfected are still alive.” ”We need to find a way to get all the living people together so we can find a way to stop the ghouls. “We’ll need to use social media to gather all of us together,” PAC MAN explained. The team posted a notice of where they were and phone number for texting and calling.”GUYS, I found something”, said Yousuf. It turned out Yousuf found out that ghouls only live for 1-3 months.”When is breakfast I’m underfed1″, Ian said? We need to get food from upstairs, this time we should go together, said Yousuf.

After they got nonperishable foods from the refrigerator, they returned downstairs. Yousuf explained, “We need to limit, portions of food to have enough food for three months. I think we’ll need to run to the nearest Walmart and get some a lot of food,water,milk,snacks, a mini fridge(to store perishable foods),a first aid kit so we can help in the event of an emergency, a heater, and a bunch of blankets for the few cold nights. Julia, can you make a list of everything we need I think we’ll have to be in and out fast, so the ghouls don’t come?” A few minutes later PAC MAN remarked, “You are most likely the reason we are still alive.

” “I’m finished with the list,” Julia explained.*3 cartons of 40 pack bottled water?$5 *5 gallons of milk?$3 Chocolate milk mix?$10 *Minifridge?$200 50 pack Nacho Cheese Doritos™? $20 30 pack Original Pringles™?$2050 pack Cool Ranch Doritos™? $20*First Aid Kit?$50Extras?50Total?$400        “Good Job, guys we’re leaving right now,” said Yousuf. As they walked to Walmart, the streets were filled with corpses. When they got to Walmart, they got their priority foods right away and it felt like Ian’s stomach was talking because he wanted everything he saw.

   When they got home, they ate breakfast, and thought everything thing would be okay, but little did they know that the war just was begun.    In the dark, gloomy gray house as Ian went upstairs to get a pack of gum. They heard screaming from upstairs, and Yousuf and PAC MAN went upstairs right away to see what has happened. Next, to Ian’s body, a river of blood was gushing out with his pale, lifeless body with organs dismounted from their origin on the floor with cuts in clothes from top to bottom. He was dead. PAC Man whispered, “Ian was as stupid as a domesticated


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