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    Inthis modern world, if individuals have good looks and have attractivepersonality, then people will surely get around them. Attractiveness and beautifullooks have large value in this modern world. Women who are more attractive andare in middle or young age usually get better social stratification as compareto others. It is identified that social stratification of women is influencedthrough dominant cultural ideals such as masculinity, femininity, and ageism.Thereare various ads by such companies in which old age people are promoted withmiddle age or young age by defining the womanhood and manhood.

The main reasonfor creating such ads is to promote the reversion of middle age and white,female beauty and heterosexual. Calasanti & Tech (2007) stated that ageismis a set of oppressive social relations, which refer to the large hierarchicalsystem of age relations. Age discrimination also have influenced the womenstratification as women which are beautified, physical attractive and areyounger in age are preferred more.

The notion of attractiveness and beauty aresynonymous with the body image of individuals as what we think about ourselvesand what people think about us regarding looks and appearance. These overallcultural ideals have affected the social stratification of women in whichlooks, dressing, beauty and attractiveness have important part. It cannot beignored that societies usually construct the gender expectation before thebirth of any child. Color discrimination is also the main reason which overallaffected the social stratification of women. Womenstratification is also influenced by the age as women are targeted due to theirgrowing age.

In the last era of the cultural ideals, women are more respectedwith their growing age but with the change in culture, growing age has becomethe problem for women. Whereas, growing age of women also affects the womenstratification in this modern society. There are various companies which aretaking advantage of this by launching anti-aging product. Companies attractwomen through various ads by defining old age as unhealthy loss of genderidentity. Differentcosmetic companies are also targeting women and their physical looks as variouscompanies have launched the large variety of beauty products. Press of AfricanAmerican is influenced by the white supremacy, class and patriarchal ideas thatgave light skin and are associated with whiteness that have a higher value thandark skin. Wonga & Pennerb (2015) stated that different communities in theblack world have mirrored white supremacist patterns of behavior.

It is alsoidentified from the “Visual Representations of Feminine Beauty in the BlackPress: 1915-1950” that different African American communities support the whitesupremacist capitalist society which produced different chemicals foralteration and redefinition of the physical beauty of Black women (Gooden,2011).Individualsand societies have motivated the social stratification as women which areattractive, beautiful and younger in age are the top of the hierarchy. Womenwho are less attractive and have less beautiful face various problems in theircareer and social life as beautiful and attractive women are more preferred.

Thesocial life of women also affected such as; jobs, social activities, and otherdaily activities. In past years, the social stratification of women was basedon their work abilities and cultural attitudes but in this modern world, womenstratification is based on physical attractiveness, age, and fashionable looks.Gooden (2011) stated that social stratification of women also become beneficialfor beauty supplier companies as women buy these products on regular bases tolook more attractive and beautiful.

There are various black women thatregularly use beauty product to live the sustainable life. However, beauty workfor women includes flattering outfits, cosmetic surgery and putting on makeupto improve the appearance. It can be stated that women are judged on large scaleas compared to men as societies prefer women to look attractive and beautiful.Wonga and Pennerb (2015) stated that grooming of women is double as compare tomen. Women regularly went for grooming to maintain their looks and to maintaintheir attractiveness.

Women stratification also gave large value to grooming asin this society women need to remain fashionable and updated with fashion.Itcan be stated that there is also large discrimination and social stratificationbased on women physical beauty and attractiveness. In past culture such as the90s, women have the responsibility of taking care of their child and home andmen have to work for them but in this modern era, women are also preferred towork outside home and have equality with me. This cultural change has also beenthe reason behind the social stratification of women attractiveness.

In today’sworld, women are judged according to their physical attractiveness, wealth andage. In today’s societies, women which are attractive, physically beautiful andhave younger age are more preferred and have high value. Physicalattractiveness has become the most required and appreciated trait for women andmen. The factor of attractiveness has spread worldwide as women have to facelarge issues due to beauty and attractiveness.

However, it can be stated thatphysical attractiveness provides benefits to some women but this leads towardsdiscrimination. In different societies, there is large social stratification onwomen due to their physical attractiveness. There is the large discussion amongscholars and researchers about social stratification of women due to theirphysical attractiveness. However, the overall world has large importance ofwomen beauty, therefore, physical beauty and attractiveness for women is moreimportant than for men. Gooden (2011) mentioned that physical attractiveness isimportant for women as individuals or societies have the large criterion forwomen’s traditional social roles of wife, sex object, and child bearer.

The keypoint is that physical attraction is more important for women than men as masculinityis less associated with physical attractiveness and beauty than other qualitiessuch as; control, power, strength, and success. There is the large differencebetween the feminine beauty and masculine beauty. There is large discriminationin male and female due to attractiveness and beauty of women. In differentorganizations, women are preferred to work for the physical beauty andattractiveness of individuals (Wonga & Pennerb 2015).Thethird article is “Bodacious Berry, Potency Wood, and the Aging Monster: Genderand Age Relations in Anti-Aging Ads” by Virginia Tech and Toni Calasanti.Reliability of this research study also relevantly high as researchers identifyGender and Age Relations in Anti-Aging Ads through reviewing the differentarticles and literature. Researchers used different examples of marketingdiscourse for the content analysis and also analyzed different pictures throughcoding within two steps.

Development of coding scheme helped researchers inidentification of the desired outcomes that show the research has highreliability and can help different researchers. The researchers have usedefficiently the research methods, sampling, data collection, and conclusion. Itcan be stated that research has high validity as all results and datacollection are relevant to the hypothesis and objectives of the research. Thearticle has large value of generalizability as all identified factors andresults such as; time, place, context and people are similar to others.Calasanti,T., & Tech, V. (2007).

Bodacious Berry, Potency Wood and the Aging Monster:Gender and Age Relations in Anti-Aging Ads. Social Forces, 335-355.Thesecond article is “Visual Representations of Feminine Beauty in the BlackPress: 1915-1950” written by Amoaba Gooden Ph.D. Data of this research study iscollected through reviewing the different kinds of literature and articleswhich helped a researcher to enhance the reliability of data. It can be statedthat reliability of this research might get affected as only different journalsand articles are used for collecting the large data about utilization ofchemicals for fairness, colorism, and representation of black femininity.Moreover, the validity of research shows the effectiveness of methods,sampling, data, research, and conclusion. However, this article has identifiedthat various Africans Americans support the society of supremacist that producedifferent chemicals for redefining the physical beauty of black women.

Thisidentification has the large value in black femininity which reflects the highvalidity of data.Gooden,A. (2011). Visual Representations of Feminine Beauty in the Black Press:1915-1950.

The Journal of Pan African Studies, 81-96.Thearticle of “Research in Social Stratification and Mobility” by Jaclyn S. Wongaand Andrew M. Pennerb has large reliability and validity. This article hasdetailed data about attractive individuals and their incomes. This article hashigh reliability as this research has clear and accurate findings regardingattractiveness individuals and their incomes. The study uses ordinary leastsquares (OLS) regression to model the relationship between physicalattractiveness and earnings that enhanced its reliability.

The overall findingsof this research helps find out the relationship between attractiveness andincome of individuals that show its validity. The article has identified thatgrooming accounts for the entire attractiveness premium for women, and onlyhalf of the premium for men that reflects its validity. This research articlehas the social construction of attractiveness and also illuminate a key mechanismfor attractiveness that varies by gender that shows the validity of theresearch. The generalizability of this research article is also high as it canbe judged that time, place, people, and social contexts within this article aresimilar to others. Wonga,J. S., & Pennerb, A. M.

(2015). Gender and the returns to attractiveness.Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 113–123.


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