In head,chest,and abdomen.Similarly,the basic outline of our

Inthis essay, I’m going to describe about the how does develop the imagination of a child in freely invery well prepared environment. Always Dr.

Maria Montessori highlighted  the reality of a child and for a child .Accordingto her understanding of child’s environment and their world id quiet developed and inher world world environment is beautiful, melodious and centered on reality andthe child can ” organize his perceptions of it.” (Taylor, “Creativity & theChild’s Imagination”). Dr,Montessorialways encourage theidea of prepared environment because according to her that everything the childcame to interact with would be enable to maximize his own learning andconsideration.  This type of surroundinglike cool and well organized environment has a lot of movement and activities.Child has freedom to select and work on activities at his own will and hisexperience mixture of freedom and self-discipline is guided by the environment.”The embryo itself is divided into three parts representing the head,chest,and abdomen.Similarly,thebasic outline of our educational system had a linear unity marked with a numberof individual features which developed into three different areas comprisingthe environment ,teacher and various objects used by the children”                                                   Dr.

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Maria Montessori-The Secret ofChildhood –pg-139″The first aim of the preparedenvironment is, as far as it is possible, to render the growing childindependent of the adult.”Dr.MariaMontessori   The Secretof Childhood,1966. Prepared environment is a very basic and importantpart of the world of Montessori. It is connected for the child to learn fromthe adults. When we see a child as young, innocent little creation of god whois trying to place himself to the world and this child try to use his senses totake imitations from his environment or surrounding. He is trying to learn toorder and organize these kind of things in order to able to understand andrapidly interact with his world.

In Montessori world, we know a child under 6years needs a compact base in reality. He needs solid, real example of theworld around him and he needs to connect and be a part of this world. Thisenvironment has to be safe and easy and freely to discover and has to be readyand beautiful and attractive for the child to offers him to work. Dr .Montessori always mentionto work as an activity and a child does this but most of the people in the differentapproaches ‘play’. In Montessori’s world this is not a playand according to Dr Montessori this is the invention or creation of the childwho create through his imagination .He play(s) and enjoy(s)together(.

)The role of the teacher is a constructor who construct this environment inwhich he will learn and development of the child is dependent on theenvironment .For example: a childact freely as hisNormalroutine-washing tables, arranging flowers, doing sums, composing words and soon, because he himself as chosen to do so, then his whole ego is active, andhis personality functions as a unity.In classroom in Montessori world (In aMontessori classroom,), encourage thechild to discover and be creative. Prepared environment is one of the placewhere a child learn(s) socialand academic skills and becomes an independent human being. Dr.Maria Montessorirecognized the unique way in where a child understand(s) the concept of a child’s absorbent mind.

  (The meaning of the aforementioned sentence is not correct.  However, I believe you want to say that Dr.Montessori say the uniqueness of the child’s absorbent mind and she created herprepared environment for each child.) Dr.

Montessori definedher vision about Prepared Environment like  a place where children  could be encourage(d) for their work to cover their need forself-construction and help them to expose their personality.  Forexample: when I went to a Montessori for my task to make an observation report.The head teacher of casa B is busy to prepared environment for children in themorning before arrival.

She guide(d) me (to) howimportant (it  is) to prepared (the) classroom and give them to opportunityto choose their activities by their decision or choice .Like this we encourageto create their work according to their imaginations.InMontessori environment ,thereare some concept to the prepared environment and all are play an important role.There are freedom,structure and order, beauty ,nature and we can say reality, social andintellectual environmentAfter learn(ing) about each of these concepts and whyprepared environment is important to the success of development of a child inMontessori world.

We cannot refuse the importance of each of these basic principlesof prepared environment and these aspects are also connected with each other’s.In Montessori education structure andorder exactly reflect the sense of structure and order in the whole universeand in Montessori classroom, there is a sensitive period fororder which happens between the age of one and three and that is a time when achild begins to assumptions of the around him .if there is no order to his world, then the senseof reason of a child may be off since and he cannot be able to corroborate hisemotions. Montessori environment should be beautifuland attractive and should recommend a simple harmony.

Thistype of classroomdifininatlly invite a child to come and do his work and easily seen theattitude of those who working there, whatever it is a child or an adult. In this environment hasa great respect for nature. Dr.Montessori believed that we should use nature to inspire children and she recommendedto the teachers to take the children out into the nature rather than keepingthem into the classroom.

  This is why in the classroom usingand natural material like wood, reeds, bamboo, cotton and glass. Furnitureshould be a child size and in this environment, child size real objects worksproperly to create a perfect prepared environment. Child should be encourage todevelop the sense of kindnessand responsiveness for the other people. Social interaction is also supported  through the surrounding and encourage withthe nature and multi age group of classroom .With the social interaction,intellectual environment has an important place in this enviornment.The mainthing is to develop the whole personality of the child ,not only his intellect.

With the help of Montessori curriculum (Practical life, Sensorial, Language,Mathematics and cultural) a child has structure which is lead of creative workin the classroom. “When we speak of independence and freedom forthe child, do not transfer to this field the ideas ofIndependenceand freedom that we hold as ideal in the world of adults”,                                                                              Dr.Maria Montessori _ TheAbsorbent Mind- pg-148 Shebelieved that a child should be free to discover and follow his own will or wish,therefore the development of his potential and it helps to increasing hisknowledge of the environment around him. A child should be experience hisfreely mood of work and feel freedom of movement, freedom of discovery, freedomto interact others and freedom from intervention for socially .In the respectof child’s freedom to allow the child to reveal himself to others and make itpossible to guide to see and respond to his inner guide which is connected thechild’s growth.

In the first place ,we can say in the sense of respect foroneself mentions to teach children are free to choose their activities and itsteacher’s duty to provide all the material require for his task, and knowhow to use the materials respectfully to avoid self-harm. Children can chooseto their activity independently or in a group. They should be invited to doactivity with other classmates but should not interfere with other child’s work.

All children should be show respect for other classmate’s .Respect for theenvironment is also very important in the Montessori .Proper use of materialand taking care of all things living and non-living within the environment.There are many types of freedom in the prepared environment, like freedom ofmove where children are freely to move around in the class and from oneactivity to another activity and allowing to freedom of movement.

Children canlearn to discover their environment and discover their interest to choosepurposeful activity and fulfil their need for work. Freedom of choice is abasic approach in Montessori, allows the child to explore his needs, interestand abilities. It encourages child to be engaged in his learning and explorethe outcomes of his work. There is also a very basic concept is freedom of timewhich is allow the children to work with the same material for providing theylike and encourage children to learn at their own style. It develop the skillof attention. Freedom to repeat is also very important to three hour activitycycle gives children to chance to workwith provided material and reach success through practice.

In this way,children can learn problem solving and self-correct. Always Dr.Montessoriencourages children to communicate in classroom .In this way, children canlearn discuss work, problem solve, and develop their social skills. The planof the Montessori materials always encourages children to realize the outcomeof the activity by themselves.

Every material is designed with a visual controlof error. This approach the child should be understand the outcome of the workthrough hands-on learning experiences.”Let us leave the life free to develop within the limits of the good,and let us observe this inner life developing. This is the whole of ourmission.”Freedom within prepared environment encourageschildren to become respectful members of the classroom community and use theirpotential to do work.

Itis kind of strict and children are not able to play and use their imaginations.In this environment ,children should be use their imagination when providedwith the space for the freedom to discover the Montessori material .If wefollow the four plans of development ,we can say  the second plane of Development, the yearsfrom 6-12, is follow the use of child’s imagination, where imagination ismeasured an important device of the mind used to discover history and thecosmos through storytelling, drama, and allegory.

In argument of imaginationfor children under age 6 generally involves of differentiating between fantasyand imagination. Childrenuse their imagination when provided with the freedom to discover   materials within a peaceful environment. Teachercannot even start to guess at the workings of a child’s mind and what emergesin the magination of the child at any given moment.  If they see theworkings of the mind of the child imagining a new idea is not possible without theirverbally express it.  As an adult we try to think of imagination as onlybeing related with free play but Montessori education encourages imaginationthrough reality-based activities.  In other words a child can build on an ideaalready grounded in reality.For example:  The building the Pink Tower in the correctsequence from biggest.

In this activity the children are given freedom to discoverthese materials, sometimes together like Pink Tower compared to Brown Stairproviding the exploration is child-led and purposeful. Through this discovery,a child can see a great deal of creativity and the child creates designs,patterns with his imagination, etc. Children have been creatively building anduntil they reach a deep level of satisfaction from this activity.

            Tosum up,  we are not refuse the importanceof  Freedom in the Prepared Environment develop thechild’s imagination, in  prepared environment ,wecan give them to opportunity to choose their activities by their decision orchoice .Like this we encourage to create their work according to theirimaginations. There are freedom, structure and order, beauty, nature and we cansay reality, social and intellectual environment are the part of preparedenvironment. Child should be free to discover and follow his own wish, thereforethe development of his potential and it helps to increasing his knowledge ofthe environment around him. A child should be experience his freely mood of workand feel freedom of movement, time, repeat, and using their imagination, childcan discover his own potential and develop his skills through the real lifeexperience.


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