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In the following essay are going to be discuss the evaluation of the functions of Human Resources Management including the practices and procedures correlated with functions and the importance within the business strategies to accomplish goals. Furthermore, integrated with the previous point is join an analysis of the equal opportunities and application of effective strategies for managing diversity in the workplaces as a part of the Human Resources functions. (Banerjee, A. and Watson, T.F.,2011)Also, a comparison of the actual Human Resources Management reality in New Zealand and other countries. (Guy, J., 2001)An integrated discussion of different HR models as Human Resources shared services model which promotes expertise and provides advanced services within the company and depend on HR division of duties to three components such as centers of excellence, service center and business partners.

Furthermore, the competency model which is associated with the performing of HR staff in a high professional manner, and it vary based on the level of experience. Within this model there are some points to highlight as Human Resource Expertise, relationship management, consultation, leadership and navigation, communication, global and cultural effectiveness, ethical practice, critical evaluation and business acumen. (Guy, J., 2001).The essay interconnect three Human resources functions, compensation, communication and administration with the mentioned models and intend to explain and analyze what role each these functions plays within the models. (Lucas, G., 2004).

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Decades ago, Human Resources (HR) as a profession has developed to become an integral component of the enterprises. Changes within organizations appear together with HR departments, increasing the value of it. The essay will give an understanding of the necessary actions to develop a staffing framework; understanding the characteristics of a strategic HR function, creating an structure parallel with HR structure based on HR strategy and considering internal versus external HR responsibilities derivation. (Human Resources in old age.,1985)Human Resources Functions and StrategiesThe functions of HR staffing are the responsibilities for the recruitment and hiring, compensation and benefits, training and development, legal compliance, discipline and firing.

In today’s world the HR department have the responsibility of three major areas including Transactional work which is administrative and essentially for the benefit of individuals; the tactical work which is focused in the solution and mostly for the benefit of the employees and the strategic work considered long term work and it is linked to one or more goals within an organization entailing a variation of solutions and benefits to a specific unit or the entire company. (Banerjee, A. and Watson, T.F., 2011).

Compensation is the first point that come to mind when a job offer is received; but it is also a challenge part for HR managers when salary competition is high, staff members start leaving jobs because of compensation reasons. It is a very important point at the time to build a company and maintain it great. If payment is not competitive and workers are not well rewarded for their jobs, could probably leave their jobs.

(Lucas, G., 2004).Within an organization, a great compensation manager is one of the most important retention tools.

(Guy, J., 2001)Communication is another important factor within a company for HR managers, a good communication is a good business result whereas will improve safety, reduce costs and increase the productivity. Integrating the tools available will give results. It has been prove that programs fails because of poor communication. Communication has to be planned from an organizational perspective.

HR can not exist without communication. (Lucas, G., 2004).Administration in HR is based in records keeping, important task within an organization.

To meet with policies and procedures it is a must to keep records of all executed operations that have been done in the organization, also in order to follow the laws in New Zealand it is necessary this operation. (Homer, K.,1997).


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