In discrimination include: filling positions, disciplinary practices, recruitment,

In a flawless world, people would have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities, despite what gender or race they are. Unfortunately, in today’s society, many face different types of discrimination based on different aspects. Often times, without knowing or even knowing, people treat others with prejudice opinions based on a particular features they have. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination happens even in places which should be free of all personal prejudices. Not all unfair behavior at work can be measured as discrimination. Discrimination in employment has been a very serious ongoing issue.

There are many types of discrimination and many laws that try to cover all forms of it. Being treated unfairly or based on their skin color, marital status, age, nationality, sex, or other defining attributes is known as workplace discrimination. A denial of certain rights, intentional underestimating of an employee’s personality or work achievements or results, negligent treatment, and so on can also be considered workplace discrimination. Not only can a person can be discriminated by their employers but they can also be discriminated by their coworkers. Being discriminated against can at times lead somebody to severe psychological consequences, such as emotional stress and anxiety. It can also cause an employee to leave the workplace.

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Types of discrimination in the workplace in which laws are now in place to prevent discrimination include: filling positions, disciplinary practices, recruitment, assessing job performance and salaries. At times, workplace discrimination can lead workplace harassment. Work place harassment occurs when an employee is made to feel intimidated, or insulted, based on such features such as race, ethnic origin, gender, physical or mental disability or any other characteristic specified under law. One of the most forms of workplace discrimination in which women are exposed to is sexual harassment. An obscene joke, inappropriate gestures, intrusive body contact, gestures, or even direct actions aimed at sexual contact are known as types of harassment. Unfortunately, not all people get treated fairly and we do not live in a perfect world. Not all people can enjoy equal opportunities and rights.

Not only does this refer to our personal lives, but to our working environment as well. Employees can be discriminated against because of certain features they possess. These features can include color of skin, their ethnicity, gender, marital status, age, disabilities, and so on.

To help get rid of workplace discrimination, preventive measures have been made throughout the years. There have been many court cases of discrimination against employers. One example is that there are laws that protect women against discrimination in employment. Employers have tried to set rules against women lifting heavy objects or working during the night.

It is illegal if employers classify jobs as male or female. When an employee feels as though they were discriminated against, there are several ways to handle it. Unfortunately, a good friend of mine had a boss who harassed her at her place of employment. She was verbally attacked as well as he smacked her on her bottom. She went to her immediate supervisor who basically told her that he was just “being a guy”. Fortunately, she did not like what her supervisor stated so she filed a complaint with the business as well as got many statements from other employees (who witnessed the harassment). Nothing was really resolved from my friend’s place of employment, so she went and talked to a lawyer, who stated that she had a sexual harassment claim. Her claim went to court and as a result, she won her case.

As far as her boss, he got moved to another building, not fired.


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