In believe that the government wouldn’t take action

In 1829 a gold rush started in Georgia in Native American territories. Soon many people started demanding for the Native Americans to be moved from the area. President Andrew Jackson, who was the president as the time agreed with this belief and supported it, and on may 28th 1830 the Indian Removal Act was passed. Some of the tribes signed the Indian Removal act and were transported west by a government that was not prepared to transport this many civilians long distances, so many people lost their lives on the journey due to things like, disease and exhaustion. Although some tribes decided to negotiate Others decided to stay and not give up their land, the Cherokee fought legally but all their lawsuits did not help them keep their land, and although the Cherokee did believe that the government wouldn’t take action and respect the Cherokees rights that was not the case. In 1838 Cherokee people started being forced out of their homes and forced to travel and estimated 1000 miles to Oklahoma, and in that journey some 4000 of 15000 Native Americans died. In total about 100,000 Native Americans were forced from their homes, and some 15000 died while making the trip.


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