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The media plays a very important part in the modern world. Media is any form or channel of communication that reaches out to large numbers of people. For instance, television, radio, newspapers, magazines and journals which circulate news and entertainment are all forms of media. Recent developments in technology have given rise to more sophisticated forms of media. In a growing society consisting of all age groups and people with different needs and interests, each mode of news would be received according to the individual receiving and understanding capacity.The attitudes and interests of an individual influence what he or she is willing to hear.

Society is an entity that embodies a lot of aspects. Every human being has the need to belong to a certain society. No one can live alone and it is the nature of human beings to stay together. No one is an island and the sense of belonging is derived from being part of a society.

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Each society has its own values and these are respected by the society members.Communication is valued by the members of society because that is the way messages are passed from one person to the other. Given the current state where the world has become a global village, the need to receive and send information has become inevitable.

Education and obtaining of new ideas is also seen as integral to the growth of any organization. This is where media comes in. Media is the primary form of wide scale communication among members of the society. As this is the case, media is actually a reflection of how society sees itself.Therefore, media’s idea regarding the importance of society is in effect, society’s self-assessment of its importance. Television media is a source of “All in one” which means, advertisement, entertainment, education and news are available with cable connection or dish antennae.

Television is looked upon as a home entertainment box which is why television companies such as Panasonic, LG, Samsung are releasing televisions with wider and flat screens and almost every middle class home has a television to have access to entertainment and news.As this is the case, the television is perhaps one of the most credible if not the most credible source of media’s opinion on the importance of society. On one hand, television regulates business stocks, product advertisements, sales promotion, education and entertainment for children, access to global news for public and on the other hand, it is difficult to control TV channels that are transmitted.

This aspect of media has a negative impact because this means that even little children can have access to unsuitable channels that show programs which are way above their level of mind. One example is a soap opera that promotes infidelity and has explicit content that certainly causes harm to young minds. Some programs also show violence and hostility which might poison young minds. The threats found in televisions are not limited to the programs that they show, “advertisements might be bad too, because they can be misleading at times” (Gilbert, David).In this way the media downplays the society’s attempts to uphold good morals. These negative challenges can only be prevented through certain guidelines and rules of Television and Media regulations which have to be promulgated regionally in every state keeping the view of younger generation. Apart from the above, an awareness about positive and negative impact of television must be brought before civil society, as to what messages should be accepted and messages that are to be unaccepted must be made clear.

For instance, emotionally disturbing family serials or violent destructive play shows leave a deep impact on people, whose mindset would begin to change and might lead to another line of negative thinking. A healthy and upright message should be transmitted, which is seldom found in present times. It is the absolute responsibility of parents to guard children from watching any morally deviating channels or programs or better yet the TV stations should issue parental advisories before the beginning of every program.Apart from the television there are other mass media forms that can transmit negative literature. Examples of this are magazines and journals that are substandard and publish lies.

This can cause uprisings in the society and disrupt the otherwise peaceful environment. Journalists should take great care to write and publish the truth only. The media has a key role in every society and if this position is misused it can work in against the society.A responsible media can inform the public objectively about social issues and help people make sound decisions but an irresponsible media can be biased to one side or another in showcasing social issues which might mislead the public into making erroneous decisions. Media can send appropriate messages to society and solicit proper action from its members, or it can sensationalize events and cause unnecessary panic, anger, or fear. The media should always try to work in such a way that they can uphold peace in the society and complement the society’s efforts to maintain peace and morals.

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