1. sincerity of the employees ‘get recognition.


Promotions: Most often, firms employ sales personnel within the organisation by promoting certain employees from lower to higher post. In fact, most organisations follow this policy of selection through which honesty and sincerity of the employees ‘get recognition. Such employees feel elevated and are automatically induced to work harder in future. 2.

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Transfers: Employees of the other departments such as finance, advertisement, production, warehousing may be considered for the job of the salesmen on a transfer basis. Usually, the personnel department of the organisation has the record of each employee and promising and talented employees can be considered for selection by transfers. 3. Re-employment of Former Employee: It is another source of excellence. Those employees, whose past records are clean, sound and up to the mark can be called back to original work atmosphere, in case they are willing to rejoin the organisation. Experts opine that there is no harm in employing such people since seasoned people are sure to be loyal.

In fact, the level of efficiency of already experienced persons is usually much higher than the new recruits. Similarly, it also reduces the intangible costs of training, labour turnover, etc. Above all, it helps in building the reputation of the sales organisation.


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