Further, the display should provide sufficient space

Further, the display should provide sufficient space to allow free movement of the customers and the salesmen as well. The merchandise should be kept at such places where it remains free from dust. Adequate protection should be there for displayed goods so that they are not damaged or destroyed. It is also desirable to display related articles together. For example, shoes and socks, shirts and ties, etc. This creates a favourable impression.

In case the customer wishes to handle the goods, he should be allowed to do so. To facilitate the same, the goods should be kept within the reach. On the other hand, if there are chances of spoilage and damage to the products caused by handling, such products should be kept away from the customers. Proper lighting, attractive decoration and tempting designing should be made so that the overall effect of interior display becomes pleasing and attractive. Further, the prospects should be impelled by such interior displays to make purchases. Advantages of Interior display: 1.

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Interior display helps the shop owner to hold the attention of the customers once they enter the shop. 2. It helps to sell related articles. In fact, intelligent display creates such an impression that the customers are automatically attracted to purchase the related products. 3. It makes the job of selling attractive.

Interior display makes the inside atmosphere of the shop pleasing, cheerful and congenial. 4. Because of interior display, the customer is able to find and select the article easily. 5. Occasional change of interior display also helps in maintaining the interest of even the regular customers. 6. Once the customer is fascinated by the interior display of a particular shop, there is every possibility of his patronising that shop. This is nothing but love at first sight.

When customers feel satisfied with the display of a particular shop, they automatically become regular customers of that shop.


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