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The controlling process requires constant reporting on the sales performance of each salesman. In case deviations in the performances are found out, corrective actions are taken to check the deviations and improve the sales methods. A constant watch is kept on the performance of the sales force and the sales forces are actually motivated towards achieving the goals of the organisation. A motivated sales force is in a position to provide their best effort in selling activities.

Consequently, the overall efficiency of the sales force witnesses an increase. 2. Evaluate the Performance: Sales force evaluation and assessment is highly essential in order to know their performance in selling activities exactly. As a result, the efficiency of each salesman is determined and accordingly the remuneration plan is fixed. Such evaluation therefore enables the organisation to provide incentives for efficient salesmen and ensures the activities of the failing salesman. Thus, efficient salesmen are rewarded and deficient salesmen are punished.

The evaluation process makes reward and punishment system work within an organisation. 3. Coordinate Efforts: Controlling enables the sales manager to coordinate the efforts of the sales force. People from different walks of life with various taste and temperaments join sales organisation. Therefore, proper coordination and supervision is highly essential to guide and motivate the sales team towards the predetermined organisational goal. It is through control, such supervision and coordination of selling activities is ensured in a sales organisation. 4. Guide the Sales Force: The sales force of an organisation needs constant guidance and supervision so that they work in unision for the achievement of the objective of the organisation.

At regular intervals, suitable guidance is essential for the sales team in an organisation so that selling efforts became more productive. This is facilitated through control and supervision.


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