import float bytstring = float(istring); // casting

import processing.serial.

*;//importig serial portSerial portCom3; //making object of serial port com3 PImage img; //variable for loading imageint prevhoriz=1;//variable to set previous horizontal positionint preh=0;//variable to setprevious heightint horiz = 1; //varialbe to set horizontal position of graphvoid setup () // setup function which runs once during program execution{ size(800, 600); //size for console/window println(Serial.list());//printing all the available ports portCom3 = new Serial(this, Serial.list()0, 9600); //using dynamic memory allocation use serial at position zero of array which is com3 img=loadImage(“red.png”);//loading image for background // A serialEvent() is generated when a newline character is received : portCom3.bufferUntil(”);//before calling serial set some specific data buffer background(0); //for background colour}void draw () { }void serialEvent (Serial portCom3)//serial event function for gettig the data from com3{ String istring = portCom3.readStringUntil(”);// read the string from com3 using ascii values if (istring != null) { istring = trim(istring); //function for trimming white spaces float bytstring = float(istring); // casting for cinverting into floating no. bytstring = map(bytstring, 0, 1023, 0, height); //map the range of data come from serialport according to window size stroke(127,34,255); //stroke function for setting the colour of graph line strokeWeight(4); //strokeweight function for setting the thickness of line line(prevhoriz, preh, horiz, height – bytstring); //drawing line according to given data prevhoriz= horiz;//updating the value of previous horizontal position preh= int(height-bytstring);//setting the height of graph prevhoriz= 0; horiz = 0; background(0); } else { horiz++;// continue to incrememt horizontal position for motion of graph } }}

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