Implementation described in further research will be

Implementation and legislation both prospective or currently existing regulating framework at EU and national levels has resulted in lower concentrations of contaminated substances within EEA but each country will use a different model or system to provide the acceptable levels of contaminants with concerns to groundwater safety.

The building blocks for policy frameworks for local soil contamination will be a set numbers of tiered steps to breakdown the management approach. And in most of cases each country uses a guideline provided by the EEA as a 4 tiered system but does not take into account certain areas of contamination in which a party needs to be identified for the problem and clarification of liability problems.

Thirty of the 39 countries in the EAA have gathered comprehensive data banks on the levels and concentrations of land contamination, furthermore 20 of those members have national data stores whilst a further 6 more Sweden, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovnia, Belgium, Greece and Germany arrange their contaminated land information at a regional level.

Of these all inventories have gathered relevant information not just on contaminated sites but stored information about potential contaminated sites, potential harmful activities, potential polluting activities and annual expenditures.

An average was taken 42% of the total expenditure of the combined remediation of the contamination originates from budgets which are provided by tax payer generated money, The expenditure on average in terms or EUR 10.7 per capita, this then validates to an average of 0.041% of the national GDP. Almost 81% of the regional and nationwide expenditures for the remediation, reclamation and reuse of sites is spent while a low 15% only is spent on preliminary investigations such as desk derived study.

These points further presented in appendix A points that will be described in further research will be presented in appendix B.



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