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Online Shopping Module
Co-Extraction of Opinion Targets
User Rating Module
Data Collection Module
Graph Rating Detection
Positive and Negative Ratings
Online shopping Module
In the module, we developed a website for online shopping. The user can purchase products and also has the facility to provide ratings and their suggestions as feedback. In this module, the admin can add product details (product name, price, validity etc..) based on the category likes mobiles, computers, laptops etc., and maintain the product details. The user enter their credit card details, the credit card is validated. If the card details is valid, the user can purchase their items. The user can select purchasing products displayed in the home page or search the product using keyword or based on category. Then user can purchase the product using credit/debit card. To purchase, the user need to provide the following details like (credit card number, card holder name, date of birth, credit card provider). If the credit card is valid the user is allowed to purchase the product.

Co-Extraction of Opinion Targets:
In this module, we develop the system such that To extract and analyze opinions from online reviews, it is unsatisfactory to merely obtain the overall sentiment about a product. In most cases, customers expect to find fine-grained sentiments about an aspect or feature of a product that is reviewed. Readers expect to know that the reviewer expresses a positive opinion of the phone’s screen and a negative opinion of the screen’s resolution, not just the reviewer’s overall sentiment. To fulfill this aim, both opinion targets and opinion words must be detected. First, however, it is necessary to extract and construct an opinion target list and an opinion word lexicon, both of which can provide prior knowledge that is useful for fine-grained opinion mining.

User Rating Module
In this module, the user is allowed to have the facility of providing their feedback in form of ratings regarding the service provider. User ratings are considered as one of the important factor as they play a vital role in the purchase of the product. Wrong/unfair ratings may lead to severe problems in many systems. So in this module, we collect the user ratings and secure them.
Data Collection Module
In this module, the entire user profiles value and ratings are collected. User profiles values also include their time, duration and rating values etc. All the user profiles including ratings values are saved securely.

Graph Rating Detection Module
In this module, all the data’s collected are used as a dataset. In the Dataset, we identify the Positive and Negative user ratings by number of feedbacks provided. The graph displays the user’s feedback across positive and negative terminals with overall total ratings as well.

Positive and Negative Ratings:
In this module, we develop the system such that user of the portal can have the rights to provide the positive and negative ratings to the product which he/she buys, such that the admin can view the list of ratings.


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