from transplants and other disorders. According to Jay

from these to change an ordinary situation into an extraordinary one. From the uncivilized and simple living comes the enlightened individual ready to face the struggles and also the worth of the modern world. The impact of humans is greater today than in any time in the past. It is an era of human in control of himself, of nature, of society. He knows what he will do and he thinks of the outcome.

He is responsible for the positive and negative outcomes of the action that he makes.He possesses the ingenuity and resourcefulness than before. There are life-altering developments that are happening to humans that made them greater than they were before. The coming of technological advancements speak loudly on how innovations permeate his world today. From doing simple objects, he can now create an intricate machine. Today’s latest breakthrough ;cellphones, computers,mp3 and many more, might be tomorrow’s obsolete gadget. The contemporary individual has found and achieve innovations at its best.

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In science, man has contributed a lot and has found solutions on matters of health, medicines, and intricate operations of the human body like liposuctions and transplants and other disorders. According to Jay Jackson,it is a period when the achievements of the physical and biological scientists were widely recognized and acclaimed. The miracle of science promised unlimited further developments and will continue to advance. The technology made by man has helped a lot but it has affected the natural phenomena and produced pollutions and global warming.The earth is being transformed by human actions; it has always been under transformation by these nonhuman forces, according to William Meyer. It is in line with Lindsey Harrison statement that when it comes to interaction with nature,man has provided population size over other species.

Moreover, man should learn how to balance the law of advancements to cope up with the law of nature. Humans today are also greater because they have learned the role of each one. The people, values and environment are factors that comprise his. role.According to Steven Kuhn, an anthropologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson,the competitive advantage enjoyed by modern humans came not just from new weapons and devices but from the ways in which their economic lives were organized around … roles for men, women, and children. Man has understand that its an old idea that a man has its role as provider and woman as to take care of the kids. Now, both have equal rights on any matters.

Modern man’s roots can be traced back into antiquity and classical way of thinking and doing.He has live in a material world and in unpredictable change. Looking back, conflict was caused by selfish reasons of the leaders to just widen their territory. These wars are World War I from 1914-1917 and World War II happened in the year 1939-1945. These wars were fought with weapon and machinery capable of causing destruction.

Millions were killed because of the war. The latest global conflict was on September 11, 2001. Suicide bombing on the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York alarmed people all over the world.By now, man has learned his lessons on war and provides a great vision for the future.

Man has the ability to change society and the structures. He revolutionizes the world. It concludes that man today has become an integral part of the growth of human personality, socialization, technology and economy.Works CitedKitchen, Martin. A World in Flames: A Short History of the Second World War in Europe and Asia, 1939-1945. London: Longman, 1990. Harrison, Lindsey.

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