Immigration FY 2015- 33,726, FY 2014- 57,496, and

Immigration has been a problem in the United States over the years. Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Immigrants from other countries come to the United States looking for better opportunities. Illegal immigrants risk their lives crossing the border running away from dangerous conditions in their home country. Immigrants come to the United States for many reason, which include, to better provide for their families, they want to contribute to the US workforce, and for many, to escape dangerous living conditions in their own country. In 2015 approximately 462,3888 immigrants were apprehended and out of those 462,338 apprehended, 333,341 were removed from the United States. The statistics for 2013 show that 11.4 million immigrants were living in the United States illegally. About 61% of people who cross into the United States are from age 25-44, 57% are over age of 45 and are females and around 53% are males. These immigrants usually settle in states such as California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois, etc. Each year a great amount of Unaccompanied Alien children cross the border as well. Alien children are those who cross the border illegally under the age of 18 without having a parent or guardian in the U.S. to care for me ( FY 2016- 59,10, FY 2015- 33,726, FY 2014- 57,496, and FY 2013- 24,668). First of all immigrants come to the United States to better themselves and provide for their families. People come to the U.S. in search of better job opportunities. For example job opportunities are harder to find in other countries. Not only that but there are more drugs and violence in other countries. Immigrants come to the U.S. to get better educations for them or their children. The U.S. has a major number of better education opportunities for documented and undocumented students. Secondly immigrants coming into the United States are contributing to the U.S. workforce. Immigrants come in search of better jobs to provide their families with more. Therefore they take jobs that Americans don’t want. Immigrants become self-employed as well. Meaning they come and make their own business whether it be opening a restaurant, or having different businesses such as, cleaning, catering, landscaping, construction etc. In addition conditions in other countries are becoming more dangerous for people to live in. in many countries drugs, drug cartels, and gangs are becoming a great issue. For example in Mexico the number of drugs and gangs rise each time a new cartel is lifted. Following this are killings, abductions, and wars breaking out. Not only this but in many countries diseases are a big reason why people flee into the United States. In conclusion, immigrants come to the United States to try and better their lives. They come to this country in search of better opportunities for themselves and their families. Not just that but they also help us by contributing to our economy. Illegal immigrants risk their lives everyday crossing borders escaping their home country. Conditions in other countries are dangerous and becoming worse each day.   Although there are solutions for this problem there is a debate over each solution presented for example legalizing all or most of immigrants living in the United States. This is a solution that was also presented by president Obama “President Obama made an announcement about allowing almost half of the 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States remain in the country”. Of course in order for this to happen you would have to pass a criminal background check and pay taxes as any resident and citizen of the U.S.


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