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Immigration Reform and control Act of 1986
The Immigration Reform and control Act 1986 had contributed to solve several problems of immigration in united stated beside contributions of legalization of 2.7 million foreign nationals. This law has control immigration status into the country and it have change the job hiring system. Increase of immigrants from different country mostly from south and west of Unites State was dramatic in late 20th century. Most of them were from Mexico and they were drive by the shortage of workers in U.S. Some were fleeing persecution while other were seeking better lives for themselves and their family.
Many of these immigrants live in United states for many years. Most of the consider themselves as part United states. Some of them had children in United states and the fear of being deported was a frightening situation because they didn’t want to be separated from their family. Due to increase, the government had to reform acts to reduce the number of immigrants. One of the acts they had to reform was Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. According to the book (Liberty, Equality, Power), this act was abolishing quotas based on national original and it replaced the ceiling of 20,000 immigrants for each country. “Our objective is only to establish a reasonable, fair, orderly, and secure system of immigration into this country and not to discriminate in any way against particular nations or people”, (Ronald Reagan).
Some of the factors that pull people to U.S. was high income, peace, employment.
On November 9th, 1986 President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform Act. The Immigration Reform and control Act 1986 was reformed to restrict employers from hiring undocumented workers, tighten the border and grant citizenship to those who have been there since 1982. It made it illegal for employer to discriminate against legal immigrant. It offered amnesty to illegal immigrants who had worked 90 days between May 1985 and 1986. “It will remove the incentive for illegal immigration by eliminating the job opportunities which draw illegal aliens here”, (Ronald Reagan). Purpose of this act was to amend and revise the status of unauthorize immigrants. “I blame 90 percent on employers,” says Georgia state Sen. Chip Rogers. “They’re the ones that are profiting by breaking the law”, (Greenblatt). This act gave a pathway to citizenship of 2.7million undocumented people. It gives power to government to control the follow of immigrant. The U.S registration strengthen the border patrol which was federal police prevent unauthorize immigrant from crossing the border of Mexico and Canada. “While there might be some initial appeal to trying to beat up on immigrants in all different ways, it ultimately isn’t getting to the question of what you do with 12 million people,” (Greenblatt).
A lot of immigrants were deported when their visa was expired. Large company could not employ the undocumented immigrants. Only the small company could employ them. It affects the economy of the country since some of the company will lack workers due to shortage. The employers were penalized who employ undocumented immigrants. It was a good move for the country but some people oppose it especially the business owners. Many of those who oppose it believe that the increase of immigrants causes social and economy problems, like an increasing in welfare consumption and unemployment.
Migrants hold large numbers of jobs in construction, health care and restaurants, especially in Texas, which has the second-largest number of migrants behind California. However, most of these jobs the migrants were taking were those that U.S. citizens did not want to do. Employers were unable to find citizen for low end jobs especially in agriculture, cleaning service, construction and restaurant. Most of these jobs were taken by illegal immigrants. This law causes some controversy where employer have to hire illegal aliens who were willing to work for less payment. It also affected hiring system increasing unemployment status. Many migrants arrive with skills and contribute to the human capital development of receiving countries and they contribute to technological progress.
The Immigration Reform and control Act of 1986 was not successful due to some factors. Many people consider the plan failed because it didn’t attain its major purpose of stopping illegal immigrant. The number of illegal immigrant have increase to 11 million. First was the increase of border patrol that was not very effective in reducing illegal immigration to the U.S. The fund was not enough until late in 1990 when they fund more to patrol the Mexico border. This act causes all illegal immigrant to remain in the country instead of going back and forth as the used to. The number of people who died try to cross the border before 1986 was less than after the act. The border protection alone was not effective solution as many Mexican try to cross the border to find new opportunity. Also, the requirement of the employer to verify citizenship didn’t work due to employer using contractor and also many immigrant using forged documents. The acts did not work perfect and the illegal immigrants have increased since then.
Migrants contributed mightily to the economy by paying billions in taxes than they receive in benefits. The migrant did not drain the government but they contribute far more than they utilized. Government services were expensive for migrant especially medical and school than citizen. They do not receive the benefit back. Some US citizen were getting angry when migrants are competing job and when they get access to social benefit. Most of migrant did not receive social benefit and for those who receive it, they have to fight for it. The government make harder for them to get social benefit.


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