Immigration policy


United States is the world’s largest economy. It boasts of a democracy that sets it apart from other countries. In addition, it is the most powerful country in the world. These attributes makes it an ideal place for many admirers. As a result, millions of people try to get into the country in order to evade difficulties in their respective nations.

The federal government has therefore put in place policies to regulate influx of immigrants. In the process, some immigrants have resorted to illegal means. The country offers opportunities, through diversity program, for immigrants to live and work in it.

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However, this is still inadequate. This has caused a backlog of over 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. Furthermore, crime rates have soured as the government tries to curb illegal work placements. This paper will explore immigration policy, the problems, government approach and solutions as well as shortcomings (Simpson 1).

The problem

Immigration policy refers to a policy which deals with passage of individuals across its boundaries. It emphasizes on those who plan to work as well as stay in that country. The United States is estimated to have over 12 million illegal immigrants. Increase in crime is also blamed on the large number of illegal immigrants.

Hispanic group are known to be the fastest growing and are said to have voted in excess of 67% to the current administration (Obama administration). Moreover, Latinos also voted current administration with anticipation of reforms in immigration policies that would enable them gain citizenship. The DREAM act of 2010 never materialized and this has raised concerns over immigration policies. Instead, the government has used its executive powers to make a few changes that involve deportation of illegal immigrants involved in crime as well as screening of potential employees by employers to ascertain their immigration status. The result of which has been increased deportation at a rate which surpasses the Bush era. This has brought about criticism on government’s reforms to immigration policy (Simpson 1).

Government approach to the problem

The country is faced with increasing crime and economic turmoil. The former is blamed on illegal immigrants as government tries to resolve immigration policy issues.

Having failed to pass the 2010 DREAM act, the government resorted to other means of reforms. This included plan to naturalize immigrants which happened in 2008, the process naturalized over 1 million people. Other changes in place include deportation of illegal immigrants involved in crime related activities, verifying of potential employees before employment by government contractors.

In effect, this stopped the raids which took place in employment centers to weed out illegal immigrants. Still others include plans to offer a path to legalization of the remaining 12 million undocumented migrants (Voice of America 1).

Attempted solutions

Basically, the government has worked to solve immigration policy issues. This was begun by formulation of DREAM act of 2010, although it never materialized. This was followed by executive actions aimed at reducing crime rate by deporting illegal immigrants involved in criminal activities. Moreover, stage was also set for legalizing undocumented migrants already in the country.

Other steps that were taken included employment verification for employees in order to weed out illegal immigrants. These, among others, have been taken to solve the problems (O’Toole 1).


Every decision must always have its shortcomings. Having failed in the DREAM act of 2010, events that followed have had their shortcomings too. For instance, deportation of illegal immigrants involved in criminal activities led to more deportation as compared to Bush administration.

This did not accomplish the very purpose of immigration policies, which are supposed to empower immigrants or at least solve their problems. Employment verification also had shortcomings as various ethnicities saw it as infringement on their rights. Moreover, this only led to more crimes since illegal immigrants believed to live in the country (12 million) could not survive without employment (O’Toole 1).

Possible Solutions

The government’s resolve to introduce ways of legalizing undocumented migrants is a step towards resolving immigration policy issues. This is mainly because it will release the backlog of 12 million illegal immigrants it tries to find. Moreover, this will work to reduce crime rate as well as violence as more of these people will be granted work placements. It is quite important to note that most of the illegal immigrants found in criminal activities get involved as a result of frustrations in life. If their stay could be legalized, fewer deportations would be realized (Voice of America 1).


United States is a home to various cultures and ethnicities. Its political, social and economic achievements have made it an envy of nations. Peoples from every part of the world anticipate life in the US. However, its immigration policies have blocked many from living this dream. The country aims to weed out extremist elements that work to crumble the nation.

However, this has led to restrictions that infringe on other innocent immigrants’ rights. The rate of influx is also outrageous given measures that have been put in place. Reforms that have been proposed such as the DREAM act of 2010 failed. However, government’s resolve to legalize the 12 million migrants already in US comes as step to resolving immigration policy issues (Simpson 1).

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