In immigration in certain states in United States.

In the last two decades, immigration has become a pressing issue and has in turn led to an explosion of theories and research trying to find out its main causes. The main causes of existence of immigration are due to superiority of American economy as compared to other economies, and also religious and political reasons. The main one is the dissatisfaction by the people of their native’s land economic lot in comparison to the might of United States.

An article by the New York Times on immigration and emigrants dated February 2 2011 is one of the recent editorials that are keen to talk about immigration in certain states in United States. The concern raised is the fact that illegal immigrants were more than the legal ones. A state like Arizona had introduced laws that were seeking the immigrants to carry their papers all the time. Though the laws in Arizona were blocked, there was a resolution by many states that they introduce laws similar to the ones in Arizona that aimed at limiting illegal immigrants’ children from accessing public colleges, as well as punishing employers who were employing illegal immigrants (New Work Times Para 6).

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Denial of some essential services to the children of immigrants should not be a solution to solving the problem of immigration. The mistakes done by the parents should not be directed to their children, though there is need to curb such illegal actions. More attention should be focused on showing love and having empathy. The fact that some of these people have gone through so much in their lives should make us want to help them rather than find means and ways of restricting them on some of the essential services of their lives. Denial of these services will only worsen their lives and may not be a solution in fighting against illegal immigration, which should be sought to be minimized through measures like controlling the borders to ensure that the entry of them is at its minimum. The spirit of egalitarianism should be up help where the immigrants are considered as part of our society and there are such benefits that occur with these people being part of our society. Instead, these people should be assimilated in our system as they form a larger society (Brittan 69).

The benefits brought about by having the immigrants should first be focused before having roles that are aimed at denying services to the immigrants. To start with, economically having the immigrants increases the country’s income through having more taxpayers in the country. The same is extended where the country has more workers in our organizations, the fact that there is an increase of the workers base means we are likely to have more production in our organization.

There is also so much we can gain from the diversity that we get from having different kinds of people in our organization. They offer so much in terms of ideas to our organization that gives them a competitive edge in the market. It is therefore inhumane to try and penalize those employers who embrace diversity and employ immigrants in their organizations. (Thompson 153).

In conclusion, the issue of immigration may attract so many feelings in reference to the society we are living in. Though having illegal immigrants is wrong, it is even worse to punish the children of these immigrants in provision of such basic requirements like education. It is unfair to them as well as to us, as we may be creating a society that is ignorant. Though it is necessary to have control of the people in the country, we should also assimilate the ones already in our system since they can offer much, especially when it comes to economic matters.

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