Problem Statement

There are two types of immigrants; illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, in 2008 illegal immigrants who comprise approximately 70% of all immigrants were estimated to have reached 11 million peoples by the U.S immigration department. In most other developed countries the challenges posed by immigrants in general goes beyond the issue of their legal status and include social factors such as poverty and lack of jobs. The purpose of this research study is to investigate immigrant’s poverty in general by identifying its root causes, impacts to society and possible solutions to the problem.


Alternative Hypothesis (H1) The level of poverty is significantly higher among immigrants than in general population, or Immigrant’s poverty is the root cause of social factors within their families and in society as well. Null Hypothesis (H0) – The poverty levels among immigrants is the same as in general population.


To determine if poverty levels are significantly higher among immigrants than in general citizens. To determine if poverty is the leading cause of various social problems within immigrant’s families compared to non-immigrant families. Identify major factors that are responsible for immigrant’s poverty. Impact of immigrants poverty to the individual, the family and to the society Identify solutions that would address the problem of immigrant’s poverty.

Having determined the problem statement, hypothesis and the objectives of the research topic the next step will involve gathering and organizing primary and secondary data in the research study. Primary data sources include actual data that is collected firsthand from sources usually through interviews and questionnaire; in this case I propose to collect data using questionnaires. Secondary data sources include literature review of similar research studies that are relevant to this research topic. The last step will be a discussion of results.


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