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Running head:IMMIGRANTS CONTRIBUTION INImmigrants ContributionIn USA DevelopmentNick GaaerABC UniversityImmigrants Contribution In USA DevelopmentAs we all know that USA is a country build by immigrants from all over the world, particularly from Europe and South America.During the Second World War most of the scientist from Germany and Europe settled in U.

S.A. Again in the early seventies and eighties, a large number of young people entered USA as students and thereafter legally got the immigration through sponsorship of spouse, relatives and employers, Most of these immigrants after settling in USA not only contributed in the growth of economy but also were instrumental in developing the high technology for which America today is famous.Much of the technical and cultural innovation that has come out of the USA would not have been possible without the contribution of German immigrants, whose influence on the USA began in the 1600s.

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(German Contribution

htm).Since eighties, due to socio-economic and political problems in the third world countries, millions of people from these underdeveloped and poor countries flooded USA either as legal, refugees, asylum seekers or illegal looking for green Pasteur and better opportunities for themselves and their families (as USA had a very high economic growth in the world). Later on, they were given legality either through amnesty schemes or sponsorship.We, the Americans, had a very negative perception of the immigrants. According to 1994 Newsweek survey; 50 percent of the people agreed that immigrants are burden, because they take up their jobs, housing and health care. We frequently complain that the country is flooded with uneducated immigrants.

They take over, impose their culture and do not even try to assimilate.Everyone agreed that we must police our borders to curb illegal immigrants. Pat Buchanan, 1996 presidential candidate, wanted to declare moratorium on all immigration. Republican Senator Alan Simpson even sponsored the bill to reduce the number of legally entered immigrants from 675,000 annually to 540,000. There is a myth that the immigrants occupy jobs leaving only a few for others. The fact is that the immigrants contribute in making more new jobs by spending their money on the output of other workers.

Then there is a hard fact, which we all should accept. We, the Americans, would not accept those jobs that the immigrants accept. If we look at the meatpacking job, it is the most hazardous job in the United States. A native born American would never do this job.

In sharp contrast to the rhetoric that feed on misinformation, evidence shows that the problems attributed are false or greatly exaggerated. In reality immigrants today contribute positively to the development in USA.The proportion of educated new immigrants has increased. A large number of the engineering doctorates are foreign-born professionals, who have contributed in the development of high technology such as telecommunications, biotechnology, chemicals and computers.There are countless firms in the USA in the ever-growing Information Technology (IT) / Computer industry which would have gone out of business without immigrants. Andy Grove the CEO of Intel, the leading IT Company, was from Hungary. Half of the 800,000 garment workers are immigrants, part of the $120-billion industry. Without them the industry had to be shifted overseas.

Language has been the key issue for assimilation. Self-interest impels most of them to learn English quickly. Even though majority of immigrants do not speak English when they arrive, however, they learn very quickly as they realize that learning is key to their economic success.Not all politicians have jumped the anti immigration bandwagon. Many including House majority leader Dick Army (Republican. Texas), Sen. Joe Lieberman (Democrat.

Conn.) and Gov. George Pataki (Republican, N.Y.

) understands that United States gains with the entry of legal immigrations.According to Sen. Spencer Abraham, (Republican, Michigan), the door should not be shut to people yearning to be free and to build a better life for themselves and their families.As the International Immigrants Foundation, USA puts itLike the men and women of past generations, todays immigrants provide the endless flow of talents, initiative, ideals, and creative abilities that enrich and strengthen the fabric of American society. These newcomers represent more than a continuation of America’s tradition as a nation of immigrants; more than a reinvigoration of that extraordinary diversity that gives us our national identity and distinguishes American culture from all others; more than a symbol of the enduring power of the founding principles of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We strongly believe that today’s immigrants are a vivid expression of America’s spiritual destiny to pave the way for the emergence of a global culture..a goal animated by a deep humanitarianism and compassion for the needs of others and inspired by our Founding Fathers’ ideal of unity in diversity.ConclusionThe above facts and figures conclude that Immigrants in USA are neither a burden to their economy nor are stealing jobs of the deserving USA citizens.

However the fact remains that Immigrants in USA have always shared their best in the ongoing development of USA whether in terms of Technology, human resource development or in providing quality. If Immigrants were not contributing their share, America would not have been what it is today.ReferencesInternational Immigrants Foundation. Retrieved from the World Wide Web:http://www. Contribution to the Early History of the USA. Retrieved from the World Wide Web: Pages : 881 / 24


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