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I’m doing a report on a very rare virus according to the internet. The kyasanur forest virus also known as (KFD). KFDV was identified in 1957, when it was isolated from a sick monkey from the Kyasanur Forest in Karnataka State, India. Since then almost 400-500 cases have been reported each year.Transmission This disease is transmitted by either a tick bite or contact with and infected animal. No person-to-person transmission has been recorded yet.Large animals such as goats, cows, and sheep may become infected with KFD but play a limited role in the transmission of the disease. These animals provide the body meals for ticks and it is possible for infected animals with viremia. Viremia is a presence of infection in the blood stream, so when ticks suck on the blood of an infected animal the tick now has the disease and that how this starts, but the transmission of the disease to humans from these large animals is very rare.Signs and SymptomsAfter a three to eight day period, the symptoms of KFD starts off with chills, fever and headaches. You get really bad muscle pain and that comes with vomiting as well, gastrointestinal symptoms and bleeding problems may happen in the three to four day time period. A person may notice that they have extremely low blood pressure, and a lack of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cell count.One to two weeks, a person may recover without complication, but the illness is biphasic which is meaning a process of two phases it says it in its name, kind of. There’s only Ten to twenty percent of people who experience a second wave of symptoms at the beginning of week three. The second phase is kind the same but has stuff that’s a little bit different in it.Treatment/PreventionThere is literally no specific treatment for Kyasanur Forest Disease, but early hospitalization and supportive therapy is the most important part. Supportive therapy includes the maintenance of hydration and the usual precautions for the people who have bleeding disorders.There is such thing as a vaccine for Kyasanur Forest Disease, and is used in the endemic areas of India. Endemic is like an infected term, it’s kinda like saying ghetto for
like the sketchy parts of towns, but endemic areas are not sketchy, they are sickly, and infected and runned down places.The additional preventions include insect repellent and wearing protective clothing in areas where ticks, infected animals big or small just put the insect repellent on in areas that are endemic.


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