IKEA excellently, IKEA has an exceptional marketing strategy

IKEA is a globalbrand known for its excellent quality of products and affordable prices whichhave enabled the company to penetrate new markets.

The company is renowned forits brand of home furnishing products and behind its presence in the globalmarket where it performs excellently, IKEA has an exceptional marketingstrategy that incorporates digital marketing. Through digital marketing, thecompany has been able to provide its clients with brand experiences which areconceptualized as a feeling, sensation, cognition, and behavioral responsesthat are aroused by a brand’s identity, design, communications and packaging(Stadtler 2015). As such, the following report presents a literature review ofbrand experiences in digital marketing followed by an analysis and evaluationof the existing digital marketing brand experiences while using IKEA as anexample. Further, recommendations for future actions regarding digital brandexperience will be elaborated. LiteratureReviewAccording to Pineand Gilmore (1998), experiences differ from both services and goods and can beconsidered as an economic offering due to the consumers’ unquestionable desirefor experiences. This strong desire for experiences has resulted in the designand promotion of such experiences by more and more businesses. It is for thisreason that these authors predict that the future of the business world willmainly depend on experiences which are as real as any other offering such as agood, commodity or service.

A majority of companies wrap their traditionalofferings with experiences to help them sell better (Pine & Gilmore 1998).However, for the realization of the full benefits of staging experiences Pineand Gilmore (1998) suggest that businesses should intentionally design experiencesthat are engaging to help command a fee. An experience takes place when a firmdeliberately utilizes services as a stage while goods are used as props for theengagement of individual consumers in a manner that produces a memorable event.There are four categories of experiences including entertainment, educational,escapist and esthetic. However, this report focuses on the esthetic experienceand escapist experience.

Escapist experiences teach in a similar manner toeducational events or create amusement just as well as entertainment, butgreater customer immersion is involved. When the active participation of thecustomer is minimized, then the escapist event becomes an esthetic one (Schmitt1999). IKEA is an exampleof a company that has exploited its marketing strategy making its presence tobe felt in the global market due to its excellent performance. IKEA hasachieved global success through affordably priced products that are of goodquality while utilizing appropriate marketing techniques and strategies to gainpopularity in a number of countries with an estimated sale of over 9500products from the company’s stores (Stadtler 2015). While the company’s goal isto increase sales, it uses other means in addition to product promotion.

For instance,as a customer purchases a coffee table in IKEA’s store, they can be served withsomething to eat. Therefore, there are other reasons that force clients to cometo the company’s stores, besides their buying needs. Additionally, the companyhas taken a digital approach to marketing in efforts to boost the existingbrand experience.

IKEA’s digital campaign pushes customers to the company’sonline store through social media, blogging platforms, search engineoptimization (SEO) and Google AdWords (Stadtler 2015). 


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