IKEA the furniture. But in China, where

IKEA always maintain their readymade strategy on their products which can be easily assemble by customer or do it yourself (DIY) concept to all of their shops domestic and international including China. According to Ulf Smedberg the IKEA marketing manager in China explained that IKEA stores at their local and foreign European countries usually open far away from the city area in the suburbs next to highway so that it is easy access by car. As for China it not the same and need to be change. In China the location need to be different because not all Chinese customer afford on owing a car.

According to only 20 percent of visitors in Shanghai have cars. The Shanghai store has almost 1,000 parking places.” Smedberg also commented that IKEA’s DIY products are appreciated in the West, because customers know they save money by assembling products themselves and because many customers actually enjoy assembling the furniture. But in China, where labor is cheap, the DIY notion has not taken hold, so Chinese customers use IKEA’s assembly services more than customers in other countries.

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