II. · To implement IT in warehouse management.

II. Research study


The primary research was
carried out with following objectives:

To assess the performance of warehousing
facility for agricultural product in India.

assess current scenario of warehouse.

implement IT in warehouse management.


SCOPE OF THE STUDY: As a starting point, the study covers the origin
and development of warehousing in India.



Data was collected
from the internet. Various research papers on the same lines were also
consulted. Findings from them have been listed in the following paragraph



India has total
agri reposting capability of around ninety
one MMT at this time to store and conserve such massive
quantities with state agencies owning forty first of
the capability and therefore the balance distributed
among personal entrepreneurs, cooperative societies, farmers, etc.
However, these government agencies use sixty six (60
MMT)ofIndia’stotalagristorage capability that conjointlyincludes employed capability of twenty
three MMT. the full state in
hand storage capability of thirty-seven MMTis command through 3 public
sector agencies viz. Food Corporation of Asian nation (FCI),
Central repostingCorporation (CWC) and State reposting Corporation

With the
typical buffer stock norms for food grains of around 25 MMT and peak
of thirty two MMT in Gregorian calendar month once a year,
the storage capability on the market with Government agencies is primarily
used for keeping central stock of food grains for the buffer stock, public
distribution systems and other Government schemes.
The graph below presents, the stock levels
maintained by the state agencies and therefore the buffer stock norms
for the past 10 year amount.

The graph below presents, the stock levels
maintained by the state agencies and the buffer stock norms for the
past 10 year period.


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