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“IF TODAY WAS YOUR LAST DAY” BY NICKELBACK BY KHUSHI SINGLABelieve me, a majority of the people leave their work for the next day still, no one lives happily. Everyone is stressed about one or the other thing. No lies, I was one of them. Every time I used to keep my work for the next day, never did the day I was appointed to. I used to be so stressed and worried about tomorrow instead of living in the present (today). My parents used to scold me for my behavior. There is absolutely no one who would have changed me like Nickelback did. His song, “If today was your last day”, composed in 2008, just might be the song I am really thankful for in my entire life.  When I first heard this song, I thought ‘wow, If today was my last day, how could I do all those things I am waiting for to do? ‘ After this, I knew that I have to start doing all those pending this now because it could be too late to start tomorrow. This song really made me think of what I have.Leaving the music behind, lyrics inspired me the most. It begins with a very motivational line- “Leave no stones unturned/ Leave your fears behind”. These line doesn’t seem motivational by themselves but they gave me the motivation that i should do everything I want to do because we only have one shot at life and of course, no one wants to regret not doing something in future. Mainly, I should not let my fears hold me back from doing.  The second part of the song is something that everyone needs to understand. The lines- ” Would you live each moment like your past/ Leave old pictures in the past” conveys us the message that ‘live in the present, trash the past.’ this strongly influenced me not to hold the ill wills. Don’t live in the past. The thing I learned from this is it will make your life easier if you live in present. What makes this song so amazing to me is not the music or how Nickelback says it, but what he is saying specifically. It even explains that if you know that something is worth to you, then don’t fear to fight for it. Have the courage and do everything today, there is no tomorrow.When I saw the music video of this song, directed by Nigel Dick, I was more fascinated by Nickelback’s song. The video showed what people would really do if it was their last day for real. A rich man withdraws all of his money and donates the wealth around the town. This taught me that we should do charity. This not only makes others happy but also helps us to live more fully. The way teens decorated the streets with uplifting messages was really good. This tells me that “wow, I can actually do so much in life”. It gives me the courage to live the life to the fullest. Literally, whatever Nickelback is saying, just made me in love with this song forever. Occasionally, songs are a great force of motivation for almost everyone. “If today was your last day” is the song that accomplished in changing my overall mindset. It changed my way of thinking in concern to life. It motivated me to live life to the fullest because you never know when are you going to die and how. This is an emotional song. It makes the most what’s given to you and let nothing stand in the way of your hopes and dreams. The very last thing, go out there and have some fun. I listen this atleast once a day. It gives me positivity to move forward happily in life. Even though this is a quiet straight forward song, it conveys a really stimulus and audacious message.


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