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If we were unfortunate enough to live in a world where learning and knowledge were scarce, it would be astronomically different. The human race as a whole would be stuck in the unevolved form of our early ancestors. To not gather knowledge would mean we would not have computers, fire or even sliced bread. Should we not learn from the past we would repeat mistakes and form bad habits. When we learn we broaden our horizons and can delve farther into the unknown.
In the days man first walked the earth opposable thumbs were entertaining, yet completely useless. Overtime man learnt that the opposable thumb could be used to pick things up, and build things, and thus buildings were created. Years later, when these first buildings had fallen down and been remade the exact same way just to fall down again, trial and error began to find a way to build long-term structures. During this time mankind learnt which buildings would stay up, and which wouldn’t. Even more time passed and buildings became even more advanced. People learnt how to build taller, and wider, how to make buildings light up inside-and-out, how to make the doors open without touching them, and even how to make them eco-friendly. Had this progressive learning not happened we would live our lives hunched up in caves, or under trees, with no real way to block out the harsher elements.


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