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If you look today atCanada’s political and economic standings, you may be able to see how theeffects of the two world wars were able to shape some of it. The first worldwar was a time of struggling over our growing debt while still trying tosupport our troops in Europe. Our citizens were offered many jobs, yet they didnot last very long after the war due to our economic crash.

Out of WWI wegained independence over our mother country, Britain, from our troops effortsduring the fighting. This gave us a high political standing and even the rightto sign the Treaty of Versailles independently. In WWII our economy was boomingdue to high production rates. People were given jobs and held them even afterthe war when the factories continued production through a different demand.Veterans were given support from the government by supplying some funds andhelping them find jobs. We were also able to politically show our power andfirmly prove our independence. It was a time of working towards people’s rightsand being able to form Canada into what it is today.

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During WWI there was bothbenefits and drawbacks to the Canadian economy from its effects. Economically,Canadian citizens were given jobs in a time when there were few around and manyhad recently lost their own. The job of fighting did allow them some benefitsfinancially, as most volunteers were earning $1.10 per day.  Canada was in debt before the war and thecost of fighting was increasing it.

From the formation of the IMB (ImperialMunitions Board) the economy was slightly increasing due to the high demand forartillery shells. IMB also provided jobs for men and women cross Canada.Companies were beginning to file tax returns if they made over $50,000 duringthe year and the government also introduced victory bonds. These bonds allowedCanadians to help support the cost for war and in-hand would help with thecountry’s debt. Victory bonds were a benefit towards the people who purchasedthem after the war, as the people were given their money back along withinterest.

Although after the war, Canada was not completely debt free like theyexpected it to be. Due to this, the government introduced income tax (a certainpercentage of money the government would take of a person’s income to pay offgovernment debt). Although there was a higher number of jobs during the war,many of the factories were later shut down, leaving many people without jobs.The economic effects of WWI were in some ways connected to the politicaleffects of it.WWI was an important timefor shaping politics in Canada. Due to the debt the federal government held beforethe start of the war and the rise of it throughout, they had to inforce ways tomake up this money.

The government passed the idea for victory bonds to supporttroops and established the idea of income tax, which has stayed with us totoday. Politicians in Canada were some of the main people that encouragedCanadian citizens to join the war effort and fight with Britain. During thewar, certain women were given the right to vote, this marked an importantpolitical event.

Borden’s political efforts during the war were able to helpour nation meet its victory overseas, but in response was causing tension athome. Relations were low and restless between the English and French and theConservative party had lost support. Liberals were beginning to increase theircreditability and power; people were favouring the party over others.

Canada,as a country, was also able to receive political independence from Britainafter their efforts in the war. Canada was able to sign the Treaty ofVersailles on their own and sit apart from Britain at the peace table.  There were many great benefits and outcomesof the first world war, yet WWII had an even greater effect on Canadianeconomics.

Economically, Canada wasdoing much better during the second world war than the first. The economy washigh and booming; all due to the industries responsible for manufacturing war materialsfor the Allied countries. Plenty of jobs were available and many people jumpedon the opportunity, even with the wage limits and increased income taxes. Therewas yet again victory bonds people could pay into to help support the war andmany patriotic Canadians did. After the end of the war, people began to thinkthe high economy may have negative effects. Factories were closing, people werelosing their jobs, so the government decided to make some changes.

Companieswere now allowed to produce whatever was in demand to keep the economy steady.This was seen most significantly in the auto industry; companies producingtanks and aircrafts turned their attention to making vehicles for the people.The government was much more supportive the second time around, as there was rehabilitationprogram funding for soldiers; veterans also received funds and support to finda job. Just like the economy, the political effects of WWII were alsosignificantly better than WWI.

WWII was the time whereCanada was able to firmly establish itself as a political and national power.The country of Canada was being respected globally by Allied countries for thesupport in Europe. We were able to supply large amounts of troops and suppliesin the fighting. Politically, we were seen with a greater role andresponsibility around the world for our efforts. Due to our more active role,Canadian citizens felt safer by the governments choices to be a part of globalissues and help put an end to them.

Our troops were also made up of Aboriginaland African American soldiers, which helped pave the way towards civil rightsfor everyone. It gave people of these races help towards their political battlefor their own rights in Canada. The effects of WWII were much greater as Canadawas able to show how independent and powerful we can be.The world wars were ableto have great effects on Canada that greatly shaped our economy and politicalstanding in the world. The first world war was hard economically as it left ourcountry with much debt due to the excessive cost of war.

It was able to givepeople jobs and support the war with victory bonds; even though people had topay the costs of these bonds and the newly introduced income tax. When WWIIstarted, Canada was quickly able to start production of military supplies,sending the economy skyrocketing. Jobs were available everywhere, for both menand women. Even after the war when everyone thought the economy would yet againcollapse, companies were able to change their production to benefit demands.Industries kept the economy up and running smoothly. The world wars were apolitical benefit in shaping our country and its independence from Britain.During WWI our government had gained some power, although the conservativeparty was not fully supported on their ideas.

Changes such as women’s votingrights and the right to sit apart from Britain was just the beginning ofpolitical change. Both wars gave our country respect, but WWII was where weheld the most active role with our efforts globally. Our independence was seenstrongly, and it was also a time for civil rights to begin forming foreveryone.

Though these were both times everyone strongly wished never happened,some of the ways the wars affected our country help shaped it to what we seetoday.


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