If their favorite brands.Materialists: They only go online

If we consider the whole world, we can say that there are countless different people with different habits. In today’s world, internet has a huge role in lives, especially in online shopping. The more people get lazier, the more the life in electronics improves. Thus, this paves the way of different people habits:Click and Go: They only look the products online as a preview of the products and then they go to the store that products are found and purchase it.Brand Obsessions: They enjoy going online, but they only search the sites and products which belong to their favorite brands.Materialists: They only go online for the latest and stock updates.Beginners: They do not know much about the internet. They only check their e-mails or read newspapers.Adventurous Explorers: They think online shopping is fun. They shop just because exploring new clothes, electronics, tools, etc. They shop not only they need stuff, but also they enjoy surfing on the shopping websites.Shopping Lovers: They are obsessed with shopping. They love purchasing and talking about it, as well. These people are the ideal clients. Whether in the physical stores or online stores it does not matter, they do shopping constantly.Business Users: They online use online shopping for business purposes. They only shop online if the product is about their professional life. Generally, they do not shop for their personal interests.Suspicious Beginners: Mostly, these people new to the computers. For this reason, they do not know how to use online shopping site. They approach the sites as they are frauds. They do not give their credit card numbers to the sites, because they think the sites going to steal from them.Shopping Avoiders: Even though these people have money, they think online shopping is unaffordable. They do not want to wait for the shipping of the products, they believe that the products have fair prices in the stores.Best Price: These people search on the online shops for the cheapest and at the same time the most qualified products. They can search every site on the internet without getting bored for a second. The latest and the Newest: These people can be considered as brand obsessed people. However, they search for the latest product. For example, if this product is a dress it can never be old style, it must be fashionable for these people.


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