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If you are experiencing issues with your finances because of your credit rating, you are not alone.

There are many people who are unable to buy a vehicle because of problems that they have had with their credit history over the years. This can make life very difficult when it comes to getting to work or going from A to B. Fortunately, having a credit score that is damaged does not necessarily make it impossible for you to get a vehicle. All it means is that you need to think outside the box to find the right car and to get the finance that you need in order to make your purchase.  What is the right solution to help you buy a car? You need to make sure you consider the right solution when it comes to getting a new car on finance, as otherwise you could end up paying more than you can afford. This could put you in a worse financial situation. So, what can you do in order to increase the likelihood of being able to buy a vehicle? Here are some potential options that may suit your needs: ·         Asking family to help out: In some cases, you may find that your family is willing to help out when you are in need of a car but cannot get one because of your credit.

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This is not to say that they should be paying for your vehicle and you don’t repay them. They could take out the finance or pay for the car if they have the money and then you can repay them each month. ·         Choosing a cheaper car: By choosing a cheaper car, you will be able to get the money that you need more easily. Don’t try and go for something that is out of reach such as the Ford Edge 2018.

You may even have enough in savings to cover the cost of the cheaper, used car. This means that you would not even have to worry about trying to get finance from a bank or any other financial institution.  ·         Find a sub-prime lender: There are lenders that are able to offer finance to people who have bad credit, and this means that you are more likely to be able to get the finance that you need. You should, however, make sure you remember that the interest charges are much higher on this type of loan. This could affect your affordability, so you need to make sure you go through your budget with care to determine whether you are able to afford the payments. ·         Get finance from the dealer: If you plan to go through a dealership for your finance, you may be able to get finance from there.

Often, the checks are not as stringent with dealerships as they are with banks. This is something that you should check with the one that you plan to go through.  All of these possible options may make it easier for you to get a suitable car even if your credit is not great. 


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