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If you’re looking to become a British citizen, you must applyby naturalisation and to meet the requirements for this application, you mustbe aged 18+, be considered to be of good character, want to continue living inthe UK, have met the knowledge and life in the UK test and meet the residencyrequirements. In addition to these requirements to apply for Britishcitizenship through naturalisation, you will also have needed to be living inthe UK for the past 5 years, have spent no more than 450 days outside the UKduring those 5 years, have spent no more than 90 days outside the UK in thelast 12 months and have had settlement (also known as ‘indefinite leave toremain’) for the last 12 months if you’re originally from outside the EuropeanEconomic Area (EEA) – if you’re a citizen of an EEA country, then you will needto have had a permanent residence status for the last 12 months. Furthermore,you must also have not broken any UK immigration laws whilst residing in theUK.In the UK, you are permitted to hold what is known as dualcitizenship, which is also known as dual nationality, however, there are asignificant number of who do not accept dual nationality, so therefore wehighly encourage you to check the law in your country of origin in relation todual nationality before you begin your application to become a British citizen.The following countries currently do not permit dualnationality:•    Andorra•    Austria•    Azerbaijan•    Burma•    Bahrain•    Botswana•    Japan•    China•    The Czech Republic•    Fiji•    India•    Indonesia•    Ecuador•    Estonia•    Iran•    Poland•    Papua New Guinea•    Brunei•    Japan•    Peru•    Kuwait•    Kenya•    Kazakhstan•    Chile•    Kiribati•    Korea•    Kuwait•    Latvia•    Singapore•    Slovakia•    Ecuador•    Lithuania•    The SolomonIslands•    Fiji•    Malaysia•    Mauritius•    The Netherlands•    United ArabEmirates (UAE)•    Romania•    Thailand•    Mexico•    Nepal•    Venezuela•    Norway•    Zimbabwe•    MyanmarWhen you have made a successful British citizenship throughnaturalisation, you will be permitted to live and work in the UK free of anyimmigration restrictions or controls, which therefore means that you can nowapply for a British passport.

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