If because it would be fake news and

If the press couldn’t write freely then they will be writing lies and we wouldn’t be able to know what’s true and whats not.It would mess up the community because it would be fake news and full of conspiracy theories and stuff you can’t believe because the press would be forced to write what the government tells them to write.

People would be told lies.The press would not care for the people ethier about what they write. People couldn’t trust anything or anyone because there would be lies.Education  levels would be low because you couldn’t see the correct news and jobs would be low because of the advertisements.We wouldnt know what to do because of the dumb press.But some people would be able to tell whats a lie and what is not a lie because they would have a smart brain.Medical stuff would not be as well because we wouldnt know about viruses or diseases.We would know the government is lying and that we are being played and we are vulnerable but I am not because I am a hacker and I know when there is a lie from the government.

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In the internet presses we would be infected by malware and viruses because we would not be informed probably and we would always be spied on.We won’t be able to have a good press to give good news for our phones,laptops,tvs,newspaper, etc.Our country would turn to a communist country and there would be more riots and downfalls and the military would fall. We would be at defcon 3 because of the government.

The doomsday clock would be at midnight meaning its now apocalypse. There would be more flat earthers making it a living hell to people who are actually smart.If we get more flat earthers then the United States would look like a bad country for education. People said the press is fake when we landed on the moon. When you can clearly see people are on the moon.

And that the earth is a spheroid.The press would also say that seal team 6 never raided osama bin laden. The weather predictions wouldn’t be accurate. Also the press would say lies just like North Korea is doing.There would be trust issues with people as well.

The government would just be a complete lie and people would leave America to a better country that does not lie to its people.Its very important that the government does not lie to its people and that they make sure the press tells the truth to us that way we are safe and informed. Lucky the government is not lying to us today or anymore because they know what will happen if they do.If they lie to us people will overthrow the government because they are lying and never telling us the truth.But they must keep secrets sometimes to keep us from freaking out just like in area 51 they have to keep secrets.Secrets are a important role to the government say for example an asteroid that can extinct all life on earth  is heading for us the keep it as a secret that way people don’t freak out and they look for a solution and once they get one they tell the people to hide in a safe place and they do the solution and destroy the asteroid. You cant run a country when people  are freaking out because it is hard to get them to listen.

Thats why the press is not aloud to lie.


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